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Improve Your Study With Time Management –

Whenever you think of studies, laziness, long hours, and sitting on a chair for long or maybe a bunch of books or endless syllabus come into your mind. And these things always get you stuck and stop you dong work. But if you really want to grow then some simple tricks may help you to be a better person or be a good student. Do you think of being a good student? It means you will get higher marks than your classmates or awards and a lot of parsing from teachers and a lot more. You can get all such things if you being able to manage your time properly.

Every person has got 24 hours in a day to do anything. Helen Keller, Abraham Lincoln also had got 24 hours in a day as you get. But successful people somehow managed everything to reach up to their goals. Everyone can learn great time management skills from such greatest folks.

Go into deep this article to let yourself know the effective time management tips.

Manage a Calendar  


When your new semester begins then you have a lot of things to start them at the same time. It might be concerned you and after a while, you may get stuck among the variety of things. In order to overcome this net, you must manage a calendar. It is not about the regular calendar. It’s about a new work calendar that will be created and organized by You to accomplish all your assignments.

Tip – I am not recommending you any regular calendar. Try to make yourself new lists of dates by month wise.  And also mention their goals and hang them in a place where you could see it very often. It will help you out to keep remember all the goals and their last dates.

  • You can mention semester exam dates.
  • Assignments dates to keep remember them.
  • All other events of school/college.

Remove all Social media app

In this world, a person cannot go without social media channels and many of them would fond of a few social platforms like youtube and they also watch youtube videos very often when they get notifications. In this case, if you want to achieve your goals or focus on studies then you should unsubscribe all the social media like FB, youtube, etc.

Stop using them right away.

Tip – The first way I have told you above that delete the entire apps in phone feed. Rather you have the option to deactivate your accounts or if you don’t want to deactivate then stop getting notifications that always distract you.

Keep away your phone.

When you start a study or anything else related to your education then keeps your Smartphone in another room. And don’t pick it up again unless you finish your study.

This action really helps you because the phone is considered as the biggest distraction.

Tip – These days mobiles have become the necessary part of life rather folks especially youth in the habit of using mobile. Moreover, students are used to browsing the whole time because they don’t know how to use modern technology. Gradually you can overcome this habit if you desire.

Have sleep when you get time

Bad habits are the main cause of distractions. In order to focus on studies properly have slept for at least eight hours. According to research, if a student takes sleep into bed, his concentration abilities are increased more than 50%, So have sleep and stay healthy.

Tip – Stop reading anything before going into bed like phone, books and newspapers and take sleep only when you are tired. Also, develop a habit to have nap and siesta. It will improve your productivity.

Do One Work Once

Many students try to accomplish multiple tasks at the same time. This leads to failures and disappointments. So make a schedule or a list of and try to do one task at one time. Complete the first task and then start another. It will help you to achieve all the terms on time.

Tip – Plan for one work at one time and put all efforts to finish it or get the results then start another.



Accounting Ratio

The ratio is a particular thing which provides a relationship between two values. It is being calculated by dividing one value with another value. If there are two values such as $6000 and $9000 then, the ratio between the two would be at the level of 1:1.5. It is a simple fraction which works in a way that the organization identifies proper results. 


There are three kinds of accounting ratios which are being used by the organizations. The accounting ratios include pure ratio, percentage ratio, and rate ratio. The relationship between two ratios is being identified as pure ratio. For example, if current assets of an organization and current liabilities are being identified that, the ratio is considered as pure ratio. An example of pure ratio used in the organization would be the current ratio. It is being identified as 2:1. Another example of pure ratio is the quick ratio. In his category of ratio, the ratio is found out by dividing quick assets by current liabilities. The example of the same is

accounting ratio 1

Percentage ratio is a kind of ratio which is being used for identifying the percentage of a particular item in comparison to another item being taken into consideration at a particular point of time. One of the examples of percentage ratio is gross profit margin ratio. The details of the same are being provided below in the example. 



The ratio is a kind of ratio which identifies the number of times at particular thing would be there in comparison to another area. This ratio is being used in the course of asset turnover ratio and other kinds of ratios. One of the examples of this particular category of ratios is the example  regarding the following. Here, the cost of goods sold is $12000 and the average stock is $4000 therefore, inventory turnover ratio of the organization is 3 times. 
accounting ratio 2

References - Harper, T. (2011). Accounting Ratios and Methods. Routledge. 

What makes a good school

Parents look for schools that they can trust. Recent research has revealed that many Americans have lost faith in the public school system. As a result, students are foregoing their neighborhood schools launching themselves in the plethora of school choices. On the other hand, parents who are the consumers in this sector need to know what determines a good school with a healthy and high functioning learning environment. So what exactly are the signs of a great school?


While factors like a school's performance rating on state standardized tests are still valuable, test scores don’t define how great a school is. A school’s climate and culture are major determining factors especially since they affect a student’s overall performance. Check out these five marks of a healthy school culture that is conducive to learning.


Teacher Turnover Rate

A school’s teacher turnover rate is typically the biggest indicator of what kind of culture is promoted in the school’s environment. If you’ve found that there are several teachers that are choosing to leave, this is not a coincidence. Great teachers tend to jump ship for several reasons including; lack of communication with administrative leaders, poor communication and being overworked.

When teachers aren’t happy it doesn’t foster a positive learning environment. In fact, a study showed that teacher turnover has a poor effect on a student’s math and literacy scores. A revolving door of teachers also means that the student doesn’t have the opportunity to actually develop strong relationships with they're instructors.


Application of Technology

Technology has changed the face of education. A sign of a great school is its investment in technology to improve learning and teaching processes. The school should be proactive in ensuring that teachers are well trained in new applications.

School culture revolves around the constant exchange of information. From the upload of a photo from the school basketball game to a blog post about for parent-teacher night information is crucial to the school environment. That’s why school administration software is essential. A comprehensive school administration software nurtures the relationship between teachers, students, and parents.


Parent- Teacher Engagement

Parent and teacher engagement is crucial to a child’s academic success. A good school will seek to make parents a big part of the learning process.  This can be through social events that are designed to encourage parents to get involved in school culture and instructors having open lines of communication with parents. In fact, a good school wants parents to be aware of what their children are learning and take measures to ensure that this possible by making the academic agenda easily accessible.


Clearly Defined Vision

An institution should be focused on working towards a clearly defined vision. There should be a concise action plan to keep the school on track to reaching that goal. Often, institutes fail to align their plans with their actions. This sends a very vague message to the parents. A school can be driven by sports, technologically advanced or academic oriented. School leaders will have to decide which direction the institute will take and stick to that specific endeavor.




Of course, a good school encourages collaboration amongst students, teachers and other staff members. In the classroom, this is done by assigning group assignments where students can work together on projects. This puts students in the position to be able to work with others and gain leadership skills.


School administration software can be really helpful in promoting collaboration between the staff and parents. School management software makes this task relatively simple though it’s applications with features like:


Real-time grading

Instant access to student and teacher attendance records

Automated student admission

SMS Integration

Ability to upload school notifications


The best part about using school administration software for collaboration is that everyone including students, teachers, and parents have access to it through login information.


Climate Conducive to Learning

Of course, the true mark of a quality school is that it promotes a culture that is conducive to student learning. This can be done by promoting strong staff-student relationships. What many school leaders don’t know is that this provides the basis for the school climate. When students are confident that they are liked and respected by their teachers they are more likely to succeed in their academic efforts and behaviorally as well. On the other hand, when interpersonal relationships are weak or nonexistent, it creates a feeling of distrust, fear, and failure. This will undoubtedly have a negative impact on the school’s culture.


Yes, building strong relationships with teachers, students, and staff members should be an institute's top priority. Be sure to promote positive interactions and have school leaders take a genuine interest in student lives.


A big part of having a good school climate is also clearly communicating school rules with students so that they know what is expected of them. Rules will create a stable and predictable environment that both parents and students can trust in. Policies should address behavioral expectations. It’s especially crucial to be consistent with such policies across the board to help reduce issues like bullying which is common in many schools across the country. With rules comes consequences. There should be consequences that are set in place to send the message that they're actions to have after effects. The administration should make sure that discipline is appropriate, consistent and immediate to yield positive results. When administering discipline it shouldn’t be done in anger but patience and empathy is key.


Praise and Reward System

Students that adhere to school rules and those that are excelling academically should be recognized. It one of the many ways that students can be shown that they are cared for. Positive feedback in the classroom can instill confidence especially in students who struggle academically or socially.


When teachers talk to students in a praise-heavy approach they are more likely to continue down the road of achievement. This can be done by complimenting a specific behavior which also reinforces that same behavior. Students who excel should be rewarded this can serve as an incentive to keep up the good work.

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