We work as an unswerving squad to create a culture of veracity and erudition. Many tines it is quiet easy. But if some apprentice want other to perform for their final exam or write for them a paper certainly it is unprincipled. We clearly presage for such act of posting questions, cheating and hiding the true nature of assignment. It is very difficult to identify for such questions which own authorization and honest intent behind them, though we have put sturdy processes to detect and dampen such deeds but above to all it is with you to act with scrupulousness and veracity. 



Rules for honesty for users


We greatly escalate you all to use ----------- to get assistance knowledge and to resolve tough home assignment queries, but dislike and say a big NO for cheating. This site helps you in making understand the concept, solving your difficulties but don’t ask for completion of complete projects, writing texts, as this site is just for providing guidelines to improve your performance for betterment.

•We request you not to learn from our tutors with a dishonest intention. Using their help and claiming it to be your work is an act of forgery. 

•To ask for help in qualifying for quizzes, puzzles, exams, and assignments is an act of cheating.

•All the assignments in which you are seeking help from our tutors prior permission from your instructors or supervisions is must.


Harms of dishonesty:


 We suggest all our students to seek help from us in grasping just more knowledge about the content but as school is the foundation which has implanted this knowledge within us, so same way we suggest you to give highest importance to school and real education system, because only learning will help you grow in your life.


Our policy of ethics for retorting queries:


We highly believe in moral ethics of trust so we suggest our tutors also to be vigilant while responding for answers, so that it can just be a help not accomplishment of assignment, though every riposte will bequeath you with making money but moral act of considering profoundly before answering will demonstrate your rectitude. Kindly think before answering:


•Don’t help in completion of final assignments, tests, quizzes.

•It’s your duty to provide with complete explanation and extra references in your tutorial so that it not just help student with queries but could make their concept clear.

•Don’t write on behalf of anyone else for paper of essays.


Our site provides a dais to all those learners and genius academics giants who want to share knowledge, a platform to come collected and in just a little amount of money an open sea of knowledge for students to gratify their thirst of learning.