High school research topics

As a student writing a research paper not an easy task. because it requires good knowledge of the topic and great writing skills. The most difficult task of research writing is selecting the best topic.

For selecting a topic for your high school you need to select an area of study according to your interest selecting the topic according to your interest so you can better apply your knowledge based on the requirement of the topic.

Thinks to consider while selecting research topics

1.      Find Interest; the first thing you should consider while selecting a research topic is to know your interest so, you can better apply your knowledge because you already have some knowledge about the subject or topic.

2.      Find information; good research always required good information because without good information there is no scope for better knowledge. Information help to make your research paper more unique from others because you cover the right data.

3.      The technique; finds the right technique for your research work because it makes your research work easy and you get all the information and data easily.


High school research paper topics


Education research topics

        I.            How is the education system helping in the development of the student?

     II.            What are some reasons for student failure in college and university?

  III.            How online platform helps in student development?

  IV.            Advantages and disadvantages of online study platforms?

    V.            Technology effect on student study?

  VI.            How sports in school help in student development?

VII.            Impact of physical education classes on student health?

VIII.            Impact of rude teachers on student’s behavior or study?

  IX.            An effective method of reducing bullying in school?


Science research topics for high school

                    I.            Tectonic movements. Can they change ecosystems?

                 II.            Global warming: is it caused by humanity or is it just a part of a natural cycle of the Earth?

              III.            The impact of coral rocks and the results of their potential extinction

              IV.            What is green energy? How can it impact the planet?

                V.            Acid rains. Are they something exclusively related to the manufacturing activities of humanity?

              VI.            A survey at the usage of hydrogen in determining the behavior of oxygen

           VII.            The results of silicon as a semiconductor equaling used massively in the usage of cosmetic surgery

        VIII.            Nuclear energy

              IX.            The disadvantage of using nuclear power energy


Politics research topics

        I.            The political right and public right

     II.            Money involve in political campaigns

  III.            Impact of change in government in the country

  IV.            Advantages and disadvantages of different government skim?

    V.            Political engagement in local or private sectors

  VI.            Political decision impact on money investment market?


Marketing research paper topics

                    I.            Impact of TV advertisement in the sale of the company.

                 II.            Advantages and disadvantages of TV advertisement.

              III.            Best advertisement method used by top brands in the country.

              IV.            How advertisement impact on consumer behavior?

                V.            What makes the consumer more loyal to brand products?

              VI.            Are consumers properly implemented to defend themselves from direct marketing?

           VII.            What do consumers search while buying products online?

        VIII.            International marketing: How do corporations incorporate standardization?

              IX.            Do consumers prefer purchasing their products online?

                X.            Result of organizational formation on the global relationship in a large organization

              XI.            The effect of direct selling on the sales amount of an industry

           XII.            Effects of globalization making on consumer buying behavior?

        XIII.            result of customer promotions and discount offers on brand


Technology research topics

        I.            Is artificial intelligence going to replace humane in the work field?

     II.            Electric vehicles future and its impact on the environment.

  III.            Impact of technology on peoples mental health.

  IV.            Mix reality and virtual reality

    V.            Benefits of using nuclear energy in the future.


History research paper topics

        I.            Impacts of British rule in India

     II.            Reasons for having a civil war

  III.            A study of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

  IV.            How japan changed over the centuries

    V.            How some inventions impact history?

  VI.            Reasons for the Roman Empire falling?


Business research topics for high school

        I.            The new method was adopted for international business management.

     II.            Planning and acquisition in international business.

  III.            Conflict management in international business.

  IV.            How is a different company dealing with international business law like google?

    V.            How can an agreement with local business impact on international business?

  VI.            Potential explanations Trademark violation offense.

VII.            Is company communication today aware of the differences in technology in the world environment?

VIII.            Does business communication get recipients’ actions?


Other high school research paper topics

        I.            Psychological research topics

     II.            Health & nursing research topics

  III.            Environment research topics

  IV.            Medial research topics

    V.            Finance research topics

  VI.            Internet of things security





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