Marketing project research topics

Marketing is a wide subject to study student’s required real-time marketing knowledge to do marketing research. Many factors can affect your marketing research because of many brands and consumers available in the market with their different behaviours and habits.

Marketing research is the function that involves the study of consumer activity in the marketplace to identify new opportunities in the market. It defines the problem in the marketplace to improve marketing performance.

How to choose the right marketing research topic

There are many marketing topics to choose from for your subject but you need to know your best interesting topic of marketing.

Think about the topic according to your interest and search for that topic if you still find difficulty to found the right topic contact with our expert on how to provide you with the best solution that can help you to gain good marks in the class.

For a good marketing research, we have to understand the issues, problems, requirements, and opportunities in the market place to improve the performance in the market place.

Marketing research topics

Advertising marketing research topic

        I.            Impact of TV advertisement in the sale of the company.

     II.            Advantage and disadvantage of TV advertisement.

  III.            Best advertisement method used by top brands in the country.

  IV.            How advertisement helps in brand awareness.

    V.            Impact of advertisement buying habits.

  VI.            Which advertisement help to change consumer buying habits.

VII.            Importance of push and pull marketing.

Product Management research topics

        I.            What type of product production to sell?

     II.            How to improve products for consumer convenience?

  III.            How many product categories for according to segments?

  IV.            Why real-time pricing matters?

    V.            Is price differentiation appropriate?

  VI.            What is psychological pricing?

VII.            The advantages and disadvantages of profit maximization pricing

VIII.            Making prices visible

  IX.            Being adaptable in pricing


Consumer behaviour marketing research topic

        I.            How advertisement impact on consumer behaviour?

     II.            What makes the consumer more loyal to brand products?

  III.            Are consumers properly implemented to defend themselves from direct marketing?

  IV.            Investigating marketing challenges in family-owned businesses.

    V.            Analysing online marketing tactics for local and global companies.

  VI.            The technology was important in modern marketing.

VII.            Impacts of womens state on their buying behaviour.

VIII.            Management in marketing teams.

  IX.            Applying loyalty plans as tools of marketing.

    X.            Benefits of humour in advertising.

Digital marketing research topics

                    I.            What do consumers search while buying products online?

                 II.            International marketing: How do corporations incorporate standardization?

              III.            Do consumers prefer purchasing their products online?

              IV.            What are the best tactics for remarketing in a small business?

                V.            Does Mobile marketing works?

              VI.            What are the trends in online marketing?

           VII.            How do consumers perceive companies that promote on Facebook?

        VIII.            Can Facebook promotion help companies to grow?

              IX.            How did Google’s mobile-first index change e-marketing?

                X.            Can a company succeed without doing social media marketing?

              XI.            Social media marketing: Which platform is the best for baby products?


Direct marketing research topics


        I.            Result of organizational formation on the global relationship in a large organisation

     II.            The effect of direct selling on the sales amount of an industry

  III.            Impact of direct selling and marketing on sales increase

  IV.            Direct selling tradition and improved sales

    V.            Direct selling method and enhanced sales of industrial products between professions in Lagos metropolis.

Distribution marketing research topic

        I.            What are the best distribution strategies?

     II.            Which channel use to distribution and why?

  III.            How to SELECT the best distribution platform?

  IV.            Marketing segmentation

    V.            Differentiation of the distribution methods used by small businesses and multinationals.

  VI.            Differentiation and comparing the marketing channels adopted for marketing precious elements and food products.

VII.            New business marketing methods and paradigms.

VIII.            How do businesses use Corporate Social Responsibility to build their brands?

Trending marketing research topics example

        I.            Effects of globalization making on consumer buying behaviour?

     II.            result of customer promotions and discount offers on brand

  III.            how Influence on Social Media creates an impression on consumer behaviour

  IV.            Organization’s social responsibility influence sales?

    V.            Is personal marketing accept by people?

  VI.            Is personal marketing plays an important role?

VII.            Is star endorsements create an impression on ROI for CPG brands

VIII.            Do customers prefer buying daily grocery products online?

  IX.            E-commerce impact on offline stores and sales.

    X.            Bad effects of advertising on kids mind




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