Nursing research topics

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What is nursing research?

A nursing research paper is a type of research paper which include theoretical aspect related to healthcare, physiology, and other lab applications.

The main motive of this research to help students in improving their knowledge and skills related to the nursing profession. 

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Nursing research paper topics and examples

Mental health nursing research topics

These are some examples related to mental health nursing research.

·         Effects of violent video games among youngsters and children.

·         Effects of violent video movies among youngsters and children.

·         Effect of office work presser on health.

·         Reason for the causes of depression?

·         Benefits of yoga to improve the mental health of a person.

·         Reason and treatments of generalized anxiety disorder.

·         How social media change a persons mental health.


Child nursing research topics

If you are interested in doing nursing research related to chid these are some examples of research.

·         Impacts of health nutrition among children

·         The basic reason of child mortality in the country

·         Chronic disorder in children

·         Impact of covid19 on the child’s

·         main reasons for seizures in children?

·         How to treat poor nutrition between pediatric patients


Adults nursing research help

These are some examples related to adult health nursing research.

·         What are the reasons for the causes of chest pain in adults?

·         Tactics for a Blood pressure increase in young age

·         Effective headache therapy for adults

·         Reason for the symptoms of autism

·         Most usable and effective sepsis therapy methods

·         Improving stroke patients recover their motor functions.

·         Most effective ways control blood pressure at home



Women’s Health

·         The prognosis for breast cancer.

·         Reasons for sleep disorders in women?

·         The causes of increasing infertility rates

·         Which factors raise the chance of osteoporosis among women?

·         Which are the emotional signs of premenstrual?

·         What are the best techniques for treating acne in patients?



Old age health nursing research topics

·         Reason and sign of age-related hearing loss.

·         How to reduce the risk of cardiovascular among old age patients

·         Study of the mental changes in old age peoples

·         A study related to joint disorders.

·         What is the reason for and treatment of Restless Legs Syndrome?



Standard Treatments nursing research topics


·         Post and past surgery care to improve the recovery rate

·         Some of the profits of collaborative nursing?

·         Advantages of healthful diets in the recovery of patients?

·         Basic health care treatment for asthma patients

·         The profits of oxygen therapy for cardiac diseases

·         Art therapy and how does it help?

·         How to develop pain assessment techniques?


Other nursing research topics


·         Impact of covid19 on the nursing system

·         Impact of treatment procedure after covide19.

·         The effect of blood glucose knowledge during pregnancy

·         The main reason for cerebrovascular accidents leading to brain cells’ injury

·         Treatments for Post-discharge pain-relief

·         Can pediatric opioid medicines create addiction problems in youngsters?

·         Promoting skin cancer awareness and stopping methods.

·         How to manage rude patients as a nurse?

·         What are the best options for long-term pain therapy?

·         How useful are the strategies for pain control in cancer patients?

·         How powerful are the assessment techniques used in public healthcare facilities?

·         Diabetes patient’s Health care plan

·         What are the best techniques for improving staff relations in healthcare departments?




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