Psychological research topics

It is challenging to find the best topic for your research work. Psychology is a tough subject to do research and writing a research paper that helps you to get good marks. To know about the Psychological research topics and writing service get in touch with

What is psychology?

Psychology is a border subject which is related to human behaviour. Psychology involves the study of mind and behaviour of any person. Psychology is a multifaceted discipline which involves the study of human development, health clinical, social behaviour and cognitive processes.

Psychology can help people understand their self-action as well as a better understanding of other people.

How to choose the right topic

We know that selecting the right topic is not easy for everyone especially for the psychology research so select your topic according to the branches of the psychology.

Selecting the right topic for your research paper writing is the most important part because it should be attractive so you can get good feedback from your teachers and get great marks also.

Writing a good research paper required good research and analysis related to the topic and experts team help you in writing your psychology research paper.


Psychology research topics and examples


1 . Development psychology research topics

·         Mental games help people to increase their skills?

·         Do short-term memory change according to the ages How do the limit its compare at ages, 15, 25, 45, and 65?

·         Could package nutritious meals in visually appealing ways to support children to make healthier food selections?

·         Do children who listen to music at the time of studying to achieve better or worse on exams?

·         Do students who eat their breakfast perform better in school than those who do not eat breakfast?

·         Are older adults with high in self-efficacy more likely to have a better memory than those with low self-efficacy?

2 . Social psychology research topics

·                     What is social depression?

·                     What is social cognition?

·                     How does social anxiety affect people?

·                     Are violent games change your behaviour if yes how?

·                     Effect of violent movies on childrens and adults behaviour and mental state.



3 . Child psychology research topics


·         Increasing violence among teenagers and children

·         What causes bullying behaviour among children?

·         Factors that can contribute to stopping the mental growth of a child.

·         The impact of romantic movies on a child

·         Is a single parenting fit for a childs mental improvement?

·         Violent video games like PUBG are a cause of mood disturbance among children.

·         Why it is necessary to improve child psychology and how to reduce the risk of weak psychology?

·         How lockdown because of Covid-19 has affected the growth of children?

·         How does CoVID -19 stress affect Children?



4 . Sports psychological research paper


·         What is the main change can be done by the Olympics in promoting sports in the nations that are not more popular sports due to underfunding? How can they lead to investing in games?

·         What can be done by psychological tests play in deciding whether a new athlete coming from the collegiate level will be prone to steroids or violence?

·         Are there some psychological implications of having a well-known coach on the team? It is matters when a team have a famous coach?

·         What are the difficulties faced by young and new coaches? Do they feel pressured and are also prone to injuries? State the reasons with examples.

·         What is the team understanding? What is the role of team understanding in building a sound team and helping the teammates?



5 . Abnormal Psychology Research Topics


·         Reasons for an improvement in eating disorders among the youth?

·         Names the factors that contribute to an eating disorder?

·         Is lying linked to the psychology of a person?

·         Elements of the increase in teenage suicides

·         Is asexuality associated with the psychology of a person?

·         Psychology and suicidal thoughts

·         How to manage anxiety and depressing thoughts about death?

·         What determinants can cause multiple personality disorder?


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