Biotechnology is the study of a technology that explains to us how living organisms are used to form useful chemicals and products or to perform various industrial tasks. Biotechnology is used in agriculture food production, environment, and medicine. A huge no. of new techniques are introduced nowadays. In today’s world, people are facing so many problems regarding their health, and physical disorders. Biotechnology plays a vital role in producing medicines, vaccines, energy products, etc.

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Fields of Biotechnology

Biotechnology covers a vast area of science. And it is subdivided into 9 major branches on the basis of different fields:

·        Cell Biology

·        Molecular Biology

·        Biochemistry

·        Plant Biotechnology

·        Animal Biotechnology

·        Microbiology

·        Biomedical Sciences

·        DNA Sequencing

·        Bio Informatics 

Cell biology: Cell biology is the study of the cell, its structure, and its functions. A cell is the structural and fundamental unit of life. The word cell is derived from the Latin word “cella” meaning “small chamber”. Cells combine to form tissues. There are two types of cells: prokaryotic cell (found in bacteria) and eukaryotic cell (found in animal, plant, fungi, Protoctista).

Molecular Biology: It is the branch of biotechnology that deals with the study of cellular molecules, their structure, composition, and the interaction among them. Biomolecules interact with each other to perform various processes essential for the activity, maintenance, and function of cells. 

Biochemistry: It is the study of the chemical reactions that occur inside living organisms. Biochemistry or biological chemistry explains the complexity of life. Biochemistry is related to chemical and physio-chemical processes that take place in living organisms. It includes structures, properties, reactions, and mechanisms of biomacromolecules including amino acids, peptides, proteins, carbohydrates, and nucleic acids, enzymatic metabolic pathways, and biochemical genetics.

Plant Biotechnology: Plant biotechnology is a branch of science in which we study the techniques used to enhance crop yield and improve food quality by introducing desirable characters/traits into plants. It includes genetic structure and mechanisms; gene editing; plant genome sequences.

Animal Biotechnology: animal biotechnology is the branch of biotechnology in which we study the techniques used to modify the genes of animals to enhance their genetic characters. These biotechnological techniques have been proved to be beneficial in no.of  fields: advanced in human health, improvement in animal health and welfare, enhanced animal products, environmental and conservation benefits.

Microbiology: It is the branch of science which deals with the study of microorganisms. Microorganisms are those organisms which cannot be seen with the naked eyes but can be seen under the microscope.  Microbiology is important because it helps in the identification, isolation, diagnosis and treatment of pathogenic microorganisms and produces beneficial microorganisms such as yeast and some antibiotics.

Biomedical science: it is the branch of science that is concerned with biological science and medical science. It involves the biology of human health, anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, epidemiology, etc.

DNA Sequencing: It is the process of determining the order of four bases of DNA- adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine. DNA Sequencing is essential as it allows scientists to sequence genes and genome.

Bio Informatics: Bioinformatics or biological informatics is associated with different branches of science. Biological science and computer science and nowadays it is also termed as computational biology.

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