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    Mathematics is mainly concerned with the study of quantity, space, and structure. It is subdivided into various branches. It is extremely important because it is engaged with each one of us in our everyday life. The sole purpose of teaching mathematics is to cater to the students with clear calculative and analytical knowledge. Mathematics is the only subject that is interlinked and plays a vital role in almost all the firms of study such as engineering, medicines, natural science, and finance. 

    Areas of Mathematics

    Mathematics is an enormously infinite subject having a number of various disciplines, sub-disciplines, and categories. All the branches are different from each other and have the distinguished concept areas. These are the following major branches of mathematics:

    ·        Algebra

    ·        Algorithms

    ·        Geometry

    ·        Calculus

    ·        Discrete Maths

    ·        Topology

    ·        Trigonometry

    ·        Optimization Theory

    ·        Real Analysis


    Algebra:  Algebra literally meaning "reunion of broken parts” is one of the broad parts of mathematics, together with a number theorygeometry, and analysis. In its most general form, algebra is the study of mathematical symbols and the rules for manipulating these symbols; it is a unifying thread of almost all of mathematics.

    Algorithms:  In mathematics and computer science, an algorithm is a finite sequence of well-defined, computer-implementable instructions, typically to solve a class of problems or to perform a computation.  Algorithms are unambiguous specifications for performing the calculationdata processingautomated reasoning, and other tasks.

    Geometry:  Geometry is a branch of mathematics concerned with questions of shape, size, the relative position of figures, and the properties of space. A mathematician who works in the field of geometry is called a geometer.

    Calculus: Calculus, originally called infinitesimal calculus or "the calculus of infinitesimals", is the mathematical study of continuous change, in the same way, that geometry is the study of shape and algebra is the study of generalizations of arithmetic operations.

    Discrete maths:  Discrete mathematics is the study of mathematical structures that are fundamentally discrete rather than continuous. In contrast to real numbers that have the property of varying "smoothly", the objects studied in discrete mathematics – such as integersgraphs, and statements in logic.

    Topology:  In mathematics, topology is concerned with the properties of a geometric object that are preserved under continuous deformations, such as stretching, twisting, crumpling and bending, but not tearing or gluing.

    Trigonometry:  Trigonometry is a branch of mathematics that studies relationships between side lengths and angles of triangles.

    Optimization theory: Mathematical optimization (alternatively spelled optimization) or mathematical programming is the selection of the best element from some set of available alternatives. Optimization problems of sorts arise in all quantitative disciplines from computer science and engineering to operations research and economics, and the development of a solution, methods have been of interest in mathematics for centuries.

    Real analysis:  In mathematics, real analysis is the branch of mathematical analysis that studies the behavior of real numbers, sequences, and series of real numbers, and real functions. Some particular properties of real-valued sequences and functions that real analysis studies include convergence, limits, continuity, smoothness, differentiability,  and integrability.

    Why should you choose mathematics as a career option?

    Mathematics is an extremely significant and versatile subject. It enhances our calculative and analytical skills. It edifies our reasoning abilities. Mathematics is witnessed in almost all the fields such as engineering, finances, and medicines, etc. Mathematics is involved in everything. Mathematics is one of the most coveted fields of education. So one should choose mathematics for competing with the cutthroat competition in today’s generation.

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