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Five Compelling Benefits of Video Marketing

Five Compelling Benefits of Video Marketing

In today’s business world, competition is at its all-time high. For your company to succeed and grow, you must always find unique and new ways to stand out from the rest of the crowd. Video marketing has been around for quite a while now, and it’s not something new. It’s undoubtedly a very effective and powerful marketing strategy that’s adopted by most businesses. You need to put out your brand story in the best way possible so that your audience knows exactly what your brand is all about.

Stories through video format are a great marketing strategy that helps evoke emotions and help build trust. If you’re someone thinking about going the video marketing way, then here are five compelling benefits of video marketing you must check out right away.

  1. Boosts Conversion Rates and Grows Your Revenue

According to Unbounce, adding video content to a landing page can boost conversion rates by 80%. Videos can help influence buying decisions and persuade visitors to convert into leads or leads to convert to customers. In this fast-paced world, people do not have the time and patience to read information. They prefer watching short videos that are entertaining, funny, and meaningful. If you plan to start video marketing for your business, you need to convey your video content’s right message and emotions. A video is a powerful tool that can help you sell your products to your audience subtly without being too pushy. People do not like hard selling and are smart enough to know when a brand is trying to sell. Video marketing can also help you grow your revenue faster. Tutorials and testimonial videos are a great option if you’re wondering about what type of videos to make to market your brand or products.

  1. Perfect Addition to Your Email Marketing Campaigns

Email marketing campaigns can often be challenging and stressful. Getting your target audience to open marketing emails is quite a challenge for most businesses. However, when you add video content to your email marketing campaigns with the subject line ‘video’, it can increase your open rates and also decrease the unsubscribe rates to a large extent. According to statistics, email with video content can increase email click-through rates by almost 300%. It’s much easier to get people to watch a video than to get them to read information, right? Hence, video marketing is a far better and effective strategy for your business. It’s also a great strategy to include if you are trying to demonstrate how to use certain products or express things that you cannot put across through written form.

  1. Helps to Engage Your Audience

Search engines love video content and are always looking for the right content that helps to engage the viewers. Nothing can help to get more views than video content. YouTube stands as the second largest search engine right after Google, so making engaging YouTube and social media videos can go a long way in helping you bring about brand awareness and grow your business. Putting your videos on your website as well as YouTube can bring about visibility. It also increases the chances of your content showing up on the search engine as well.

Video creation requires time and money. You also need the right equipment and tools to create unique video content. Today, video creation has become relatively fast and simple because of the easy availability of smartphones with high-quality cameras. However, you still need proper tools like editing software to make professional-looking videos for your social media channels. 

InVideo is one of the best video editing software available online. It helps users to create incredible videos in less than ten minutes. The tool is quick and affordable, and you can easily use it on Mac and Windows. The easy-to-use tool has more than 2000 templates in various industries that you can customise according to your video content needs. The platform allows you to edit text, add effects and visuals, and import your stuff without any problems. You can also use the tool to convert text to video or add a voice-over without a hassle.

  1. Builds Trust and Credibility

Video content is a great way to show off your brand and build a personality for it. It enables businesses to connect with their audience and viewers. With video marketing, you can build trust and credibility for your brand. When you provide content simply and engagingly, you are more likely to build trust with your audience. It helps to build on your consumer trust and use it in a way that creates better relationships. Behind-the scene and employee interviews are excellent ways to show the real face of your brand. Videos like these can help to build engagement and relationships between the brand and your potential customers.

  1. Encourages Social Shares

Let’s admit it – today, it’s all about viral videos. 92% of people who use mobiles share videos regularly. As a brand, videos are an excellent opportunity for you to show the world what your brand is about. Through video content, you can make funny, informative, and engaging videos, thus encouraging people to share your videos that will help others and bring in more leads that may ultimately convert into customers. For example, the brand Dollar Shave Club used video marketing in the best way possible by creating a humorous video that went viral immediately after posting the video.

Video marketing is essential when it comes to your content strategy. It’s a measurable and memorable component that makes it an excellent tool for your audience who long for engaging and short pieces. Video content can be used to teach difficult and complex concepts, making things clear and simple for your audience. Keeping in mind while making video content is always to be consistent, clear, and unique. People do not like videos copied or repetitive, so you need to create informative videos and be different from the rest consistently. 

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