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Biology is the study of life. The word biology is derived from the Greek words ‘bios’ meaning ‘life’ and ‘logos’ meaning ‘study’. Biology is defined as the science of life and living organisms. Biology plays a vital role in everyday life as it allows us to understand our own body, our resources, and our environment in such a better way. Biology is all about life, from microorganisms to human beings, we all perform biological activities and all of us interact through the biological process. That’s why biology is essential in our life.

Major branches of biology: Biology is differentiated into various branches. Each branch defines a different concept but all of them are anyhow related to each other. There are ten major branches of Biology.

·        Zoology

·        Botany

·        Microbiology

·        Cellular Biology

·        Molecular Biology

·        Developmental Biology

·        Marine Biology

·        Physiology

·        Genetics

·        Ecology

Zoology: Zoology is a branch of Biology. The word zoology is derived from the Greek words ‘zoion’ meaning ‘animals’ and ‘logos’ meaning ‘study’. Zoology (Known as animal biology) is defined as the study of animal life. Zoology involves the structure, evolution, embryology, classification, habits, of animal habitats and distributions kingdom.

Botany: The study of physiology, structure, genetics, ecology, distribution, classification and economic importance of plants. Botany is valuable because it is a fundamental part of life on earth. Plants produce food, medicines, oxygen, fuel, and fibers.  All these essential resources enable other organisms to exist.

Microbiology: It is the branch of science which deals with the study of microorganisms. Microorganisms are those organisms that cannot be seen with the naked eyes but can be seen under the microscope.  Microbiology is important because it helps in the identification, isolation, diagnosis and treatment of pathogenic microorganisms and produces beneficial microorganisms such as yeast and some antibiotics.

Cellular Biology: Cell biology is the study of the cell, its structure, and its functions. A cell is the structural and fundamental unit of life. The word cell is derived from the Latin word “cella” meaning “small chamber”. Cells combine to form tissues. There are two types of cells: prokaryotic cell (found in bacteria) and eukaryotic cell (found in animal, plant, fungi, Protoctista).

Molecular Biology: It is the branch of biological science which deals with the study of cellular molecules, their structure, composition, and the interaction among them. Biomolecules interact with each other to perform various processes essential for the activity, maintenance, and function of cells.

Developmental Biology: It is the study of the process by which all living organisms grow and develop. Developmental biology also involves biological regeneration, metamorphosis, genetic control in organisms. It tells us about the developmental exceptions, abnormalities and other such conditions. And it’s been helpful in aiding many life taking diseases such as cancer.

Marine Biology: Marine Biology is the branch of biological science in which we study about marine life and the organisms that live in saltwater or sea. It includes the study of phyla, families, and genera of some species.

Physiology: Physiology is the study of normal functioning within the body of living organisms. The word physiology is derived from the ancient Greek words ‘physis’ meaning ‘nature’ and ‘logia’ meaning ‘study’. It explains the mechanism and behavior of a normal living organism. It tells us how the body works from the cellular level to the organ level and how they all interact and function among themselves to make life going.

Genetics: Genetics is the study of heredity. It aims to understand the study of genes and genetic variations in an organism. Gene is a functional and physical unit of heredity. And heredity is a process in which genes are transferred by the parents to their offspring. Two copies of genes are found in a child, one is inherited from each parent. These genes represent some of the traits of parents in a child.

Ecology: It is the study of the organisms that interact with one another and their surrounding environment. It explains that an ecosystem is formed of two major components: Biotic Component(living organisms) and Abiotic component(non- living things). Both components associate to form an ecosystem.

Why should you choose biology as your career option?

Biology plays a crucial role in the understanding of complex forms and structure of life including humans, animals, and plants. Biology helps individuals in understanding between humanity and the world. It also develops interests in the lives of living organisms and the surrounding environment and awakens our concerns towards preserving them. Hence one should choose biology as his/her career option.


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