parent workshop

Context for learning
What do students already know that is relevant to this activity, or what skills do they already have, and how do you know it?
Are the students interested and ready to engage?
What factors might enhance or impede learning, and how will you address them?
Delaware Standards: 
What Standard(s) will be addressed by this activity?
Essential Question(s):
What open-ended questions will be used to stimulate student interest and thinking. 
Activity Objectives/Goals:
Describe the activity’s objectives and desired outcomes in terms of what the students will know and be able to do at the conclusion of the activity.
Measuring Success:
Describe how you determined levels of relevant learner knowledge and skill before the activity, and how you will measure learning during and after the activity. (Pre-Assessment, Formative Assessment, Summative Assessment)
Activity Structure:
Describe how the activity will unfold from beginning to end, its timing and pacing, and how the activity will provide opportunities for deeper, higher-level thinking and learning (the top of Bloom’s taxonomy).
Instructional Strategies:
Describe the research-based best practices that will be employed (or relevant learning theories) and why they were selected.  How will you differentiate learning activities to accommodate (1) individual differences (e.g., personality, interests, learning modalities, and life experiences), and (2) group differences (e.g., race, ethnicity, ability, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, nationality, language, religion, political affiliation, and socio-economic background (InTASC Model Core Teaching Standards.)
Describe the opportunities that will be provided for the students to apply the knowledge and/or practice the skills learned.
Describe the instructional and/or technology/assistive technology that will be incorporated into the activity and how this will enhance learning purposefully.
Describe how you will use technology to manage and document the learning process and access sources of information that are developmentally appropriate, relevant and interesting.
Personalized Learning:
Describe how you will personalize learning to accommodate differences in students’ learning styles, interests, culture, language etc., and what opportunities will be provided to help students assume more responsibility for their own and others’ learning.
Resources/Materials Needed for the Lesson:
List the resources necessary for the activity’s success.
Learning Environment:
Describe how you will create an appropriate learning environment for this activity (physical, emotional, aesthetic, social/interactional, leadership, sensory, etc.)
Describe the intermittent reinforcement strategies that will deepen student thinking, interconnect concepts, and improve relevant skills…and when they will occur.
Additional Information
Identify anything else that you feel is important to include in this activity plan. 

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