HIS 381 Week 4 Assignment Help | Wilmington University

HIS 381 Week 4  Assignment Help | Wilmington University

Week 4 Milestone

These milestones are created to help you build your final project throughout the class, getting feedback from your instructor throughout the process. This week, you are being asked to 5 informational graphics that you will use for your final project. In your final project, you will have at least ten graphics, but these are your first five. Remember that you are creating a persuasive argument about a global issue that you think people need to know about or act on. So you're looking for graphics that are going to provide more evidence to support your persuasive argument.

Your milestone will be formatted somewhat differently than your previous milestones, but you're still thinking through how your evidence connects and supports your thesis statement:

FINAL PROJECT (which is a 15-20 slide power point). Final Project Milestone #4 (Graphic Annotated Bibliography). You need FIVE visuals for your final project (power point)- graph, chart, table, diagram, picture, political cartoon, etc. You will attach them on one WORD document and sent through Blackboard by doing the following each time: 1) REFERENCE with a web address only allowed this time; The GRAPHIC itself under the reference; SUMMARY of how you will use it in your final project in 2-3 sentences

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