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    HCS 588 ENTIRE COURSE | University of Phoenix

    HCS 588 ENTIRE COURSE | University of Phoenix 



    WEEK  1


    HCS 588 Week 1 Individual Assignment Quality Improvement Email


    Instructions: The leader of a local health care organization, Cindy Janowski, has noticed leading organizations successfully implement quality improvement plans. Cindy wants to ensure that her organization keeps current with those organizations' quality standards. She has hired you to research the industry's quality standards and to learn how to improve quality in her organization. Cindy sent you an e-mail that states: Good morning, Per our earlier conversation, I just wanted to make sure that we are on the right track, and that I understood everything. I have put together a list of additional information needed. If you can provide more details, that would really help me out:

    • Analyze the purpose of quality management in the health care industry.       
    • Identify how various health care stakeholders define quality.
    • Identify roles in health care related to quality improvement.
    • Explain what areas must be monitored for quality.
    • Explain what accrediting and regulatory organizations are involved in quality improvement and their roles.
    • Explain external resources and organizations that provide quality improvement information. Thanks for your help with all of this! Cindy Write a 700- to 1,050-word response to Cindy. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.



    WEEK  2


    HCS 588 Week 2 Learning Team Assignment QI Plan Training Manual


    Instructions: Imagine your supervisor has asked you to develop a training manual for a quality improvement (QI) plan. Create a four-part training manual that introduces the purpose of a QI plan and its components for new staff members. Include the following in your training manual: Part A: QI Plan   

    • Identify what a QI plan is and its purpose.
    • Identify the components of a QI plan.
    • Identify the appropriate situation to use a QI plan. Part B: Data Collection
    • Identify data collection tools.
    • Identify data display, measurement, and reporting tools.
    • Identify improvement methodologies. Part C: Resources
    • Identify additional resources that can be used when preparing a QI plan. Part D: Best Practices
    • Identify best practices and strategies for using QI plans. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.




    WEEK  3

    HCS 588 Week 3 Individual Assignment QI Plan Part 1


    Instructions: Davis Health Care is dedicated to providing an excellent patient care experience. A recent survey indicated that they could improve their quality of service. Imagine you are charged with identifying an area of improvement for this organization. Select one area of improvement from the following list to complete Part 1 and Part 2 of this assignment:   

    • Patient safety
    • Staff development and team improvement
    • Productivity management
    • Patient education
    • Another area of improvement (needs faculty approval) You will focus on this area of improvement throughout the remainder of the course, which will lead to a quality improvement plan in the final week. Write a 1,050- to 1,400-word paper in which you address the following prompts for the area of improvement that you selected from above: Part 1: Data Collection Tools
    • Explain data needed to monitor improvements.
    • Explain at least three data collection tools you can use to collect performance information.
    • Explain the types of information each tool collects.
    • Explain the strengths and weaknesses of each data collection tool.
    • Explain how the data collection tools are similar. Explain how the data collection tools are different. Part 2: Data Display, Measurement, and Reporting
    • Identify at least two tools that measure and display the QI data that can be gathered with the data collection tools identified in Part 1.
    • Explain the types of information each tool measures, displays, and reports.
    • Explain each measurement, display, and reporting tool's strengths and weaknesses.
    • Explain how the measurement, display, and reporting tools are similar and different from each other.
    • Explain how the measurement, display and reporting tools are useful for health care organizations. Cite at least 3 sources according to APA guidelines to support your information. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


    WEEK  4


    HCS 588 Week 4 Individual Assignment QI Plan Part 2


    Instructions: Continue to use the area of improvement selected in the Week Three QI Plan Part l assignment to complete the following section of the QI plan. Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word paper in which you complete the following for the area of improvement:   

    • Improvement Methodologies
    • Analyze each methodology you researched. Explain the pros and cons of each methodology for your chosen area of improvement.
    • Choose one of these methodologies for your organizational QI plan and explain why you chose this methodology over others.
    • Information Technology
    • Analyze each information technology application you researched.
    • Analyze how these applications will be used to help improve the area of improvement you have chosen. •  Benchmarking       
    • Analyze how benchmarks and milestones are involved in managing the use of quality indicators.
    • Analyze three potential benchmarks and milestones from quality indicators that could be used for your plan.
    • Mission, Vision, Strategic, and Operational Plans
    • Analyze how performance and quality measures are aligned to an organization's mission, vision, and strategic plan in general.
    • Analyze how the measures are aligned with the mission, vision, and strategic plan of an organization. •  Barriers       
    • Challenges
    • Analyze barriers that can interfere with the implementation or revision of quality measures.
    • Successful Implementation
    • Implementation
    • Analyze strategies to ensure successful implementation of new quality measures. Cite at least 3 sources according to APA guidelines to support your information. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


    WEEK  5

     HCS 588 Week 5 Individual Assignment QI Plan Part 3


    Instructions: Write 1,400- to 1,750-word paper with the following sections:   

    • Criteria and Tasks
    • Authority, structure, and organization
    • Describe the authority structure of the plan's implementation. This must describe who is responsible for implementing the plan. Include a description of each role involved in the plan:
    • Board of directors
    • Executive leadership
    • Quality improvement committee
    • Medical staff
    • Middle management
    • Department staff
    • Communication
    • Identify who the performance activity outcomes are communicated to and who does the communicating. This describes who is responsible for overseeing data collection and preparing data reports.
    • Education
    • Describe how staff will be educated regarding the plan. This covers how each staff member will be initially oriented to the plan and how each employee fits into the plan based on job responsibilities.
    • Monitoring and Revising
    • Annual evaluation
    • Analyze what elements of the plan are annually evaluated for improvement.
    • Analyze how to monitor the effect of changes implemented from the decision-making process.
    • Regulatory and Accreditation
    • External entities
    • Analyze the effect of external entities, such as governmental agencies, accrediting bodies, and professional interest groups, on the quality and performance measure of an organization's decision-making processes. Cite at least 3 sources according to APA guidelines to support your information. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


    WEEK  6

     HCS 588 Week 6 Individual Assignment Quality Measure Affecting Stakeholders


    Instructions: Write a 525- to 700-word paper that addresses the following:   

    • Analyze publically available quality measures affecting health care organizations.
    • Analyze the types of care or service your chosen organization focus on.
    • Analyze the mission.
    • Analyze the QI goals the organization has in place.
    • Analyze the use of consumer utilization of external quality indicators on health care organizations. •  Analyze the role of consumers, such as patients, family, and friends in your organization's QI process.        •  Analyze the external quality indicators available to consumers regarding the organization.       
    • Analyze at least three indicators in detail and how consumers use these indicators as part of the QI process.
    • Analyze feedback from consumers on the quality improvement process.
    • For your organization, evaluate how stakeholders, such as patients, managers, administrators, clinicians, health insurers, regulatory agencies, and so forth, use feedback in the QI process. If you do not know how it is used, indicate how it can be used. Cite at least 3 sources according to APA guidelines to support your information. Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment.


     HCS 588 Week 6 Individual Assignment QI Plan Part 4 and Executive Summary


    Instructions: Combine all four parts of the QI plan into one document, making sure to include instructor feedback. Organize the plan as you would present it to the organization's board of directors for approval. Use the QI Plan Template as a guide. In the QI Plan Template, complete the following:   

    • Evaluate various data collection and display tools used in performance measurement.
    • Evaluate tools used to measure and report data.
    • Analyze various improvement methodologies for integrating quality improvement strategies into performance measurements.
    • Analyze the impact of information technology applications on performance measures.
    • Analyze the use of internal and external benchmarking and milestones in managing the utilization of quality indicators.
    • Evaluate criteria and tasks for developing quality improvement plans.
    • Analyze how performance and quality measures are aligned to the organizations mission, vision, strategic and operational plans.
    • Evaluate strategies for meeting regulatory and accreditation standards within health care organizations. •  Evaluate measures used to monitor and revise quality program implementation.   
    • Evaluate barriers that can interfere with the implementation of quality measures.
    • Evaluate strategies to ensure successful implementation of quality measures. Write a 350- to 700-word executive summary related to your QI plan which includes an evaluation of the following:
    • Evaluate the current state of QI at the organization, its organizational and operational QI structure, authority, mission, methodology, and tools used.
    • Recommend how the organization will achieve its objectives over the long term.
    • Evaluate challenges that may impact the future of health care quality improvement.
    • Evaluate effect of health care quality improvement on operational and financial performance. Format your paper according to APA guidelines. 

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  1. HCS 588 ENTIRE COURSE | University of PhoenixHCS 588 ENTIRE COURSE | University of PhoenixHCS 588 ENTIRE COURSE | University of Phoenix
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