During this time of multiple wars and uncertainty, it is not easy for scholars to rise to the top of social class. The scholars during this time retreated and seven famous ones were called seven sages. Who are they, their philosophies and thinking, what kind of life they lived, what were their beliefs, what were their favorite activities?
Think about the techniques I mentioned in the previous chapter: 6Ws. 
Please refer to chapter 6 paragraph 1 and paragraph 2. 
Please read the paragraphs and summarize in your own words. Please do not copy and paste from the textbook. I have a copy of the textbook. I need you to demonstrate your understanding in your own words.
You must write as if you were asked to talk about it/explain it to someone who haven't read or understood this era.  In the midterm and final, I might ask you to explain this to me and you must do it without books or notes. 
I am looking forward to reading your stories/paraphrasing of the paragraphs. 
I must stress again: you should base your writing mainly on your chapter reading and class lectures. Do not google things we did not cover yet. Only google after you have exhausted info from the chapter and lectures and you feel like adding even more.

This game trailer talks about the end of Han and the three kingdom era. Please watch and gain a basic understanding of atmosphere. 
Please summarize any 10 facts of your understanding based on these two videos.  For video 1, watch whole trailer. For video 2, watch upto 10:20 or if you would like, watch the whole episode.
All facts must come from these two videos. 

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