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    MKT 421 Week 5 Assignment Help | University Of Phoenix

    MKT 421 Week 5 Assignment Help | University Of Phoenix 

    Product Advertising at Kellogg's


    To continue to attract new customers in addition to keeping existing customers, Kellogg's spends over $1 billion a year on advertising. One of the challenges facing Kellogg's is choosing the appropriate form and type of advertising given the firm's advertising objectives for the campaign.


    Advertising is any paid form of non personal communication about an organization, a product, a service, or an idea by an identified sponsor. Advertising comes primarily in two types; product advertising which focuses on selling products or services and institutional advertising which tries to build goodwill or an image for a firm. Once the firm decides on the type of advertising that would be appropriate given the campaign's goals, the firm must decide on the form. The forms of product advertising include pioneering advertising, competitive advertising, and reminder advertising.


     Read the case below and answer the questions that follow.


     To keep its product line fresh, Kellogg's must continually develop new products. A recent new product introduction, Blue Ginger® Multi-grain Blue Rice Chips: Black Sesame and Sea Salt flavor from Kellogg's is a light and crispy blend of brown rice, corn, and oats, combined with black sesame seeds and sea salt. The chips are positioned as a healthier alternative for snacking with 70% less fat than potato chips, 3 grams of fiber, and 23 grams of whole grains per serving. Blue Ginger® Multi-grain Blue Rice Chips: Black Sesame and Sea Salt flavor will be available for sale at wholesale clubs including select Costco® Wholesale, Sam's Club®, and BJ's® Wholesale Club stores throughout the United States.


    Kellogg's now needs to develop an advertising campaign for its Blue Ginger® Multi-grain Blue Rice Chips product. The product managers for the chips recognize that U.S. consumers are unfamiliar with blue rice chips and its related health benefits. Therefore, they feel that the primary objective of any advertising for this new product must be to tell the consumer about what the product is. A secondary objective for the advertising would be to inform the target market about the product's availability through the wholesale distribution network.


    Kellogg's Blue Ginger® Multi-grain Blue Rice Chips product managers must make a decision between a pioneering advertising format and reminder advertising format before they develop the specifics for their campaign.



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