Sentence Outline for Analytical Response to "Good Country People"


1. Write your working title and working thesis. Keep in mind, this is an outline. Your thesis should provide what you think is Flannery O'Conner's definition of a "good country person" and the character(s) that fits that definition. Odds are, it may be only 1 character, as most of these characters are quite problematic. Make sure to qualify your thesis by using a word like "perhaps," "seems," or "may." 

2. You won't be focusing on your introduction and conclusion but more so the body paragraphs. In the document below, I give you what each body paragraph should discuss. You will have a total of 3 body paragraphs, unless you need a fourth. 

3. You must use the scholarly article I am giving you. Read through it before completing the outline. The scholarly article: Pierce, Constance. "The Mechanical World of 'Good Country People'." The Flannery O'Conner Bulletin, vol. 5, 1976, pp.30-38. JSTOR,

4. Every item should be in sentence form and should be filled out. Phrases or standalone words are used in only formal outlines, so because this is more formal, expect to lose points should you only write in phrases and/or words. Points will also be deducted if items are left bank. The first body paragraph should contain NO quoted material whatsoever. Everything should be in your own words. The remaining body paragraphs should include quotes from the primary text (the story) and secondary source (the article I've given you) as your evidence.

5. Follow the outline formatting 

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