ENG 121 Week 10 Assignment Help | Wilmington University

ENG 121 Week 10 Assignment Help | Wilmington University

Title of Paper (Title Case)


Name of Student

Wilmington University

Course Number and name of course (For which the paper is being written)

The course instructor’s name and title (ask for the instructor’s preferred form if possible; e.g., “Dr.,” “Ms.,” “Mrs.,” “Mr.,” or a different title)


Title of the Paper Again – Should Match the Title Page (Title Case)

            Here is the body of your paper with everything that your instructor is asking for. Again, your teacher should detail for you what your text should cover here – what kind of assignment is it?

One helpful hint that cannot be stressed enough: develop your References page as you go. Every time you use someone else’s work, first put in an in text citation and then enter it onto your References page. EVERY TIME. It takes a little bit more time in the short run, but will save you lots of time in the long run. Work smarter, not harder….


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