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MATH 111 Week 1 Quiz | Assignment Help | University of Washington

Activity 7: Percentage Change and Proportionate Change


Question 1


If your current annual salary is $48,500, what is your annual salary after a 3% raise?

ANSWER:  $_______

Question 2


Again, assuming a current annual salary of $48,500, what is your annual salary after receiving a 3% raise each year for two years?

ANSWER:  $______

Question 3


You start a new job with a starting salary of $55,000 and a 2% cost-of-living raise each year.  

True or False?  If you receive no other raises, your salary after 4 cost-of-living raises will be exactly an 8% increase from your current salary.


Question 4


You inherit a diamond ring appraised at $8000.  Diamonds are expected to appreciate by 7% per year.  What would you expect it to be worth 1 year from now? 

ANSWER:  $_______


Question 6


You plan to buy a TV that is regularly priced at $625.  The store is offering 25% off every product in the store.  What is the sale price of the TV?  (You can still use the formula  

ANSWER:  $______

Question 7


The population of a town was 6000 people in 2010 and 7110 in 2018.  What was the percentage change in the population during that period of time?

ANSWER:  ____%

Question 8


A pair of shoes that regularly costs $112 is on sale for $95.20.  What percent savings is this?  (Again, your proportionate change will be negative but you can express your answer as a positive savings; e.g., if LaTeX: p=-0.11,p=−0.11,p=−0.11, then you can call this an 11% savings, expressing the negative with the word "savings.")

ANSWER:  ____%

Question 9


A house purchased for $350,000 in 2004 sold for $680,000 in 2017.  What was the percent change in its value?

ANSWER:  ____%

Question 10


A collectible lunchbox increases in value by 1.2% per year.  If it is worth $174 a year from now, what is its value today?

ANSWER:  $_______

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