MGMT 3306 Week 1 Quiz | Assignment Help | University of Houston-Victoria

MGMT 3306 Week 1 Quiz | Assignment Help | University of Houston-Victoria

Assignment 1 Quiz


•           Question 1

Which of the following is not an advantage of outsourcing?                          


o   cost savings

o   gaining outside expertise

o   improving operations and service

o   outsourcing core competencies

o   accessing outside technology




Question 2

Which of the following did the authors NOT suggest as a reason for globalizing operations?                              


o   reduce costs

o   improve the supply chain    

o   pursue stockholder approval ratings

o   understand markets

o   attract and retain global talent



Question 3

Which of the following statements best characterizes delivery reliability?                         


o   a company that always delivers on the same day of the week   

o   a company that always delivers at the promised time

o   a company that delivers more frequently than its competitors

o   a company that delivers faster than its competitors

o   a company that has a computerized delivery scheduling system



Question 4

All of the following decisions fall within the scope of operations management EXCEPT for:                                          


o   creating the company income statement.

o   design of goods and services.

o   location strategy.

o   managing quality.

o   human resources and job design.



Question 5

The largest contributor to productivity increases is ________, estimated to be responsible for ________ of the annual increase.                               



o   management; over one-half

o   Mr. Deming; one-half

o   marketing and sales; two-thirds

o   capital; 90%

o   technology; over one-half


Question 6

An operations manager is performing a factor-rating analysis to help her choose an outsourcing provider. She is focusing on three factors: A, B, and C, with weights of .50, .20, and .30, respectively. She has scored one potential outsourcer, Ling Services, on each of the factors using a scale of 10-50. Ling Services received a score of 30 for factor A, 46 for factor B, and 22 for factor C. What is the factor-rating score for Ling Services?                            


o   98.0

o   32.7

o   21.8

o   29.2     

o   30.8

Question 7

Standardization is an appropriate strategy in which stage of the product life cycle?                                  


o   introduction

o   growth             

o   maturity

o   decline

o   retirement


Question 8

What are the five elements in the management process?                                 


o   plan, direct, update, lead, and supervise

o   accounting, finance, marketing, operations, and management

o   organize, plan, control, staff, and manage            

o   plan, organize, staff, lead, and control

o   plan, lead, organize, manage, and control




Question 9

Which of the following is NOT a typical service attribute?                             


o   intangible product

o   easy to store

o   customer interaction is high

o   simultaneous production and consumption

o   difficult to resell



Question 10

A strategy is a(n):                            


o   set of opportunities in the marketplace.

o   broad statement of purpose.

o   simulation used to test various product line options.

o   plan for cost reduction.        

o   action plan to achieve the mission.


Question 11

A cleaning company uses $10 of chemicals, $40 of labor, and $5 of misc. expenses for each house it cleans. After some quality complaints, the company has decided to increase its use of chemicals by 50%. By what percentage has multifactor productivity fallen?                                


o   0%       

o   8.3%

o   25%

o   50%

o   16.7%


Question 12

Operations management is applicable:                            


o   mostly to the service sector.

o   to services exclusively.

o   mostly to the manufacturing sector.           

o   to all firms, whether manufacturing or service.

o   to the manufacturing sector exclusively.


Question 13

Which of the following statements about organizational missions is FALSE?                                 


o   They reflect a company's purpose.

o   They indicate what a company intends to contribute to society.

o   They are formulated after strategies are known.

o   They define a company's reason for existence.

o   They provide guidance for functional area missions.



Question 14

Which of the following are the primary functions of all organizations?                               


o   production/operations, marketing, and human resources

o   marketing, human resources, and finance/accounting

o   sales, quality control, and production/operations           

o   marketing, production/operations, and finance/accounting

o   research and development, finance/accounting, and purchasing



Question 15

An SWOT analysis determines:                            


o   internal strengths and weaknesses and internal opportunities and threats.

o   internal strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats.

o   external strengths and weaknesses and internal opportunities and threats.

o   external strengths and weaknesses and external opportunities and threats.

o   internal strengths and opportunities and external weaknesses and threats.



Question 16

The service sector has lower productivity improvements than the manufacturing sector because:                                 


o   the service sector uses less skilled labor than manufacturing.

o   the quality of output is lower in services than manufacturing.

o   services usually are labor-intensive.

o   service sector productivity is hard to measure.

o   the service sector is often easy to mechanize and automate.



Question 17

Which of the following tasks within an airline company are related to operations?                       

o   crew scheduling

o   international monetary exchange

o   sales

o   advertising

o   accounts payable




Question 18

Experience differentiation:                                   


o   isolates the consumer from the delivery of a service.     

o   is an extension of product differentiation in the service sector.

o   uses only the consumer's senses of vision and sound.

o   keeps consumers from becoming active participants in the service.

o   attempts to make the service experience different for every single customer.


Question 19

Gibson Valves produces cast bronze valves on an assembly line, currently producing 1600 valves each 8-hour shift. If the productivity is increased by 10%, it would then be:                                   


o   180 valves/hr.

o   200 valves/hr.            

o   220 valves/hr.

o   880 valves/hr.

o   1760 valves/hr.




Question 20

A firm can effectively use its operations function to yield competitive advantage through all of the following EXCEPT:                        


o   customization of the product.         

o   setting equipment utilization goals below the industry average.

o   speed of delivery.

o   constant innovation of new products.

o   maintaining a variety of product options.




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