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OLCU 400 Week 7 | Assignment Help | Brandman University

Week 7 Paper

OLCU 400 Week 7 Team Case Study Analysis

Team Case Analysis:  Waiting for Clearance (Chapter 7)

Working collaboratively in an assigned team, you will analyze and prepare a team paper for case studies in weeks 3 and 7; each case study is worth 8% of your final grade.  

For each case analysis, the team will prepare one 3 - 4 double-spaced page team paper and submit it by Sunday of the week due as a Microsoft Word document.  A well-written team paper will include an analysis and response to the three (3) case questions, a discussion of the key insights gained and an evaluation of team effectiveness.

Step One: Work in Google Docs with your team to complete your Case study assignment.

Step Two:  After completion, save what you created in Google Docs, into an MS WORD document.

Step Three:  Include the Google link within your MS WORD submission

Step Four: Upload into Bb in the Week Seven Assignment folder.


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