PHYS 1403 Week 8 Lab Report | Assignment Help | Central Texas College

PHYS 1403 Week 8 Lab  Report | Assignment Help | Central Texas College

Lesson 8 Lab: Habitable Zones

Lesson 8 Lab: Habitable Zones applies many well-grounded scientific concepts to the problem of “Are We Alone?” Although science is based on data, scientists have been unable to resist the urge to speculate on this question in the absence of data. We know that life can develop in the universe by our very presence here – so there is no reason to think that there couldn't be other intelligent life out there. However, we also now know that intelligent life on Earth overcame many obstacles in forming and avoided many dangers to survive. Thus, there are logical arguments to be made on either side of the "are we alone in the universe?" In this lab, we will explore some of those scientific principles.

Getting started with Lesson 8 Lab: Habitable Zones:

The Lesson 8 Lab on Habitable Zones introduces the basic conditions thought necessary for life to exist and explores where in the universe those conditions are most likely to be met.

·         First, select the following link and work through the background sections on Life in the Universe, Circumstellar Habitable Zones, and Galactic Habitable Zones at:

o    Habitable Zones Lab

                        Next, open the Circumstellar Habitable Zone Simulator, and familiarize yourself with the capabilities of the simulator through experimentation. You will also be using the following simulators:

o    Milky Way Habitable Zone Simulator.

                        After familiarizing yourself with the simulator interactive, follow instructions and answer questions in the Lesson 8 Lab - Habitable Zone Worksheet.

Note: The Lab Simulators require Flash Player which is integrated into Windows 10 and work best with Internet Explorer (IE). To avoid technical issues IE is recommended for running the simulations. If you try another browser you will need to set up flash player options for that browser yourself. For example, if you are using Chrome, go to the upper left of the URL browser entry, select "Not Secure" then select "Allow" to give Chrome permission to open the simulator.

Submit your Lab Worksheet

·         Select the Lesson 8 Lab: Habitable Zones link above.  Then answer the questions using your worksheet.

Labs do not have a time limit but are due on the due date of the lesson posted in the Syllabus Page 2.

Simulations courtesy of Astronomy Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln website.


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