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GM 525 Week 8 Exam | Franklin Pierce University | Assignment Help

Module 8 Midterm Exam



The midterm consists of essay questions; please select three (3) or four (4)  of the six (6) questions listed below that combined offer a total of 200 points.  You will need your textbook to answer the questions; in addition, you may use the electronic library and the Internet -- any resource other than your classmates or colleagues.  Your answers need to be in APA style and references for quotes, paraphrases, and all other facts not considered common knowledge are required.  You have two weeks to finish the exam.



1. You have been researching a guru this term.  Is there any relationship between the information your guru communicates and the management of information systems?  (50 points)

2.  Making the Internet reliable would require significant amounts of capital investment.  Should the government step in and finance it?  (50 points)

3.  Your company is interested in investing in (CRM/ERP/SCM - chose the topic you selected for the final project).  They have asked you to prepare a report addressing whether they should choose SaaS (Software as a Service) or an in-house solution.  Prior to preparing the report, you must gather information.  Which departments would you survey, and what questions would you ask? Briefly, describe your company so that you can frame your answer.  NOTE:  You are not required to write the report, just to answer the questions posed given your company's circumstances. (50 points)

4.  In a move that has stunned many, Facebook has decided to publish its server specifications in an open source software fashion, allowing developers all over the world to contribute to finding systems that are less expensive to run.  This move is in dire contrast to Google's practice.  Google considers its data center and server design a competitive advantage and guards it closely.  Discuss and document your opinion.  (100 points)

5.  Your company has been very successful and needs to expands its operations.  It is considering opening a branch in a new location that is geographically diverse from the headquarters in New England.  One of the reasons is concern about natural disasters (blizzards, power outages, etc.) and another is the cost to expand the present facility (real estate, utilities, etc.) A third consideration is the cost of living and labor costs to attract and retain a skilled workforce in the Northeast.  Since your company relies very heavily on technology for its day to day operations, what would suggest to address the concerns listed above?  (50 points)

6.  Discuss the impact of technology (positive and/or negative) on the environment, the family, and the local community.  How do you think this will impact the workforce in the next 10 to 20 years?  (50 points)


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