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BI 214 Week 2 Assignment 1 | Park University | Assignment Help 

Unit 2: Nutrition Project

Nutrition Project

Complete and submit via Submit Assignment.

1. Review the information under the Unit 1 Nutrition link.  Remember to use  or your selected program.

2. Record four days of normal eating and generate daily reports. To do this you will need to record a single day's food intake, generate your reports and cut and paste the reports into Word. Make sure that you also include in the report the foods eaten each day.  The following reports are REQUIRED for each day:

·         Nutrient Intakes

·         Comparison to RDA

·         Daily foods list and servings

3.  Go to the “Reports” tab, then click “Total Nutrition” to generate your report for the previous week (make sure “Week” is selected, and that you are on the last day of your recorded diet) and print.  I would also like you to print your daily diet for each of the days recorded.  Do this by clicking the “Foods” tab on each day, then click “Nutrition” in the area above the pie graph.  In the top right area, click “Printer Friendly” and print your diet and nutrition for the day.  Repeat for each day you recorded for that week. (20 pts)

When you are finished printing, you need to type approximately 500 words regarding flaws you see in your diet.  Points you should address include RDA values, calories, carbohydrates, proteins and fat intake.  What can you do to address deficiencies or excess in your diet? 

4. Combine all of the above information into a SINGLE file and submit it via Submit Assignment. It is due no later than Sunday at midnight.

The following rubric will be used to score your Four Days of Normal Eating:

Four sets of Nutrient intake reports - 5 pts




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