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CS 140 Week 2 Discussion | Park University | Assignment Help

Unit 2: Discussion

The Impact of 3D printers on Society


According to our textbook, Technology in Action 13, 3D printing is set to revolutionize manufacturing. In reality, many areas beyond manufacturing will be affected. These printers are becoming less expensive and more powerful and they are able to do amazing things never possible before their invention.

Read about 3D printing in the section titled Intellectual Property in our textbook on page 210.  The summary is named 3D printing: Who Is Responsible When Things Go Awry?

Then view the attached video that shows how 3D printing is being used around the world.

Amazing items made with 3D Printers


Discussion Questions:

1.      What impact (positive and negative) do you think 3D printers will have on society?

2.      Should individuals be allowed to distribute (sell products) they make on a home 3D printer or should the output be limited to personal use?

3.      What regulations, if any, should the government put in place to regulate the safety and efficiency of product designs distributed for use on 3D printers?


Post your response to the discussion question by Thursday at 11:59 pm. Return to the discussion later in the unit to respond to at least two other student posts for full credit. Please respond to all parts of the question.


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