BIBL 105 Week 2 Quiz | Regent University

BIBL 105 Week 2 Quiz | Regent University

•             Question 1         

                Chronological presentations in the Bible tend to be . . .                                 


•             Question 2         

                According to Witherington, biblical laws should be applied to secular law codes                                                                                                 

•             Question 3


                According to Witherington, biblical genealogies are not necessarily complete.                                    


•             Question 4         


                were more interested in revealing character than events

                considered individuality to be important


•             Question 5


                The grand story of the Bible presents hope for all creation, and not just people.                                               


•             Question 6


                Which of the following is a true statement?                                        


•             Question 7


                Even though Eve is the one who sinned first, Adam is the one whom God holds responsible.                                     



•             Question 8


                According to Witherington, one should begin Bible reading using what he calls “the inchworm approach,” namely a methodical approach, reading a text, making observations, understanding the relationship of clauses, sentences, paragraphs, etc., for the purpose of understanding an individual author’s message.                                       



•             Question 9


                According to Witherington, the most important differences between other creation accounts and the biblical account involve the concepts of monotheism and creation out of nothing.                                          



•             Question 10



                Emphasis on figurative language of the Bible undermines confidence in its accuracy.                                      



•             Question 11


                The biblical authors were not trying to be perfectly objective, but were rather openly presenting things from their own point of view.                                         



•             Question 12


                The biblical account of creation is closely related to many other ancient creation accounts.                                          



•             Question 13


                According to Witherington, the grand narrative of Scripture can rightly be called “salvation history.”                                        



•             Question 14


                The Bible was written using descriptions which were not necessarily scientifically accurate, but rather in what is called “phenomenological language.”                                    


•             Question 15


                Indicate all of the subjects about which the Bible teaches.                                           





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