UNIV 100 Week 3 Quiz | regent-university

UNIV 100 Week 3 Quiz | regent-university

Question 1

According to the Fundamentals of Communication powerpoint, there is no distinction between the fields of rhetoric and communication.



Question 2

The Prezi "Offender Profiles" concluded with a prescription for successful online learning. The main point was "Do your job." What were the others?

Work hard, be polite and positive, learn, and follow instructions.

Do not worry about how you interact with others and don't push yourself too hard.

Never email your professor with questions, no matter how pressing.

Do whatever you need to do to get an A, skim instructions when necessary, and be polite whenever people are polite to you.

Question 3

How should you start your "Who I Am" story?

Googling an inspiring quote

Brainstorming what characteristic or aspect of your personality you should write about

Detailing every single one of your major past experiences

Writing about your parents

Question 4

What does Paul Tripp describe as the gifts of our redemption? (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY)

Forgiveness of our sins by the blood of Christ

Empowerment to do those things that he calls us to do

Ultimate deliverance from every ounce of sin in our hearts

License to say whatever we want

Question 5

According to the Fundamentals of Communication powerpoint, there's bound to be conflict and misunderstanding in communication because all fall far short of true virtue.



Question 6

What advice does the Prezi "Offender Profiles" give to "anxious students"?

Email your professor daily about grades.

Always argue over every little point deduction.

Call your professor at home whenever you have an issue.

Show some patience and confidence in yourself!

Question 7

According to Catherine Ramsdell, what company was one of the first to showcase the power of storytelling in a commerical?


Doublecheck Media



Question 8

Catherine Ramsdell describes stories as "a fundamental and primary form of communication."



Question 9

EXTRA CREDIT: Daniel practiced Godly communication when interpreting the king's dream.



Question 10


According to Paul Tripp, what are word problems?

heart problems

vocabulary problems

technique problems

no problems

Question 11

According to Paul Tripp, our world of talk is a world of great trouble.






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