UNIV 100 Week 4 Assignment | regent-university

UNIV 100 Week 4 Assignment | regent-university


  I.  Introduction

     1.  Nurses are both the strongest and the softest people of all.

     2.  By pursuing a Nursing career in the Navy, I want to influence the world through my service to the Country and the Community, and by healing people. 

 II.  Serving my Country is my personal duty.

     1.  Helping my fellow Sailors to overcome pain comes together with helping them to preserve their psychological comfort and confidence as military members.

 III.  I believe in the significance of serving my Community.

     1.  It is everyone’s obligation to contribute to the Community development.

 IV.  Healing has always been my passion and my calling.

   1.  Healing people leads to lessening pain in the world.

 V.  Conclusion

     1.  By working as a nurse in the Navy, I will serve my Country, my Community, and heal people.

     2.  As a nurse, I can bring the most benefit to the world.   


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