PHIL 100 Week 1 Quiz 1 | MiraCosta College

PHIL 100 Week 1 Quiz 1 | MiraCosta College

Question 1

Chafield gives examples of uncritical thinking in different situations. What are some of those examples? Choose all that apply.  

·         Making poor diet decisions  

·         Drinking and driving  

·         Not saving for retirement  

·         Believing conspiracy theories  

·         Accepting unfounded claims from politicians


Question 2

_________ means doubting the truth of something.


Question 3

_______ means seeing something from a neutral point of view.


Question 4

Which of the following are statements that Chatfield agrees with? Choose all that apply.  

·         We need to apply critical thinking all the time. 

·         The tools of critical thinking can be applied to almost everything.  

·         Being a critical thinker is a matter of intellect.  

·         Critical thinking is difficult and unnatural.  

·         With proper training, it is possible to become perfectly objective.  

·         Critical thinkers never change their mind.


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