AST 102 Week 1 Discussion 1 | Colorado Community College Online

AST 102 Week 1 Discussion 1 | Colorado Community College Online


Welcome to our voyage of the universe.  I promise you will find it fascinating and it should getting you looking at the night sky more often.

Click on "Course Content/Syllabus/Instructor information" for my detailed biography.


1.   To start, please tell everyone a little about yourself such as your name, degree program, future career goals, etc. Tell us what you hope to gain from taking this course.

2.   Next, tell us about any experiences you've had with astronomy-related activities. Could be as simple as looking and noticing the moon.

3.   Finally, visit our CCCOnline Library website, and tell us how you think you could make use of this site during this semester.

4.   Please say hello to a few classmates as well.

See the Schedule in the Syllabus Module for due dates. Posting an introduction to this topic and making a reasonable attempt to answer all questions posed by the due date will earn you full points, but please check for responses.


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