AST 102 Week 1 Discussion 3 | Colorado Community College Online

AST 102 Week 1 Discussion 3 | Colorado Community College Online


Our understanding of the Universe around us comes largely from the many space missions/programs that study our solar system and beyond. Technology has now advanced us to a point that we have a pretty good basic understanding of what is outside of our tiny little planet, Earth. For this discussion, you will research one of these space missions/program that has given us so much information either about our Solar System or our galaxy/universe.


Conduct research on a specific mission/program (put the name of your mission/program in the subject line) and tell us:

·         when it was put into service, who runs it, where is it located (think beyond NASA – there are other countries out there!)

·         what type of mission/program it is: telescope (e.g. optical, radio, x-ray, etc.), or spacecraft

·         if it uses any special technology in its use to gather data

·         WHY it IS or Why it IS NOT useful to our understanding the universe around us (any big discoveries made).

·         Include the official homepage website (an active hotlink along with proper citations) to your mission/telescope.

·         Avoid missions that are in orbit around Earth studying our own planet.

·         Your post should be 2-3 paragraphs in length and no shorter than 150 words - also supply a word count.

·         Supply your reference(s) with active hotlinks along with proper APA style citations.

·         Remember that you may not copy anyone else's mission/program

See the Schedule and Course Rubrics pages in the Syllabus Module for due dates and grading information.


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