TECH 490 Week 4 Asignment 2 | excelsior-college

TECH 490  Week 4 Asignment 2 | excelsior-college

M4A2: Program Outcome 5

This module focuses on the completion of Outcome 5. You will be working during the first part of the week to develop DRAFT learning statements for Program Outcome 5 that you posted in the M4D2 area. Once you receive feedback, you will revise your statements and prepare them for this assignment.

You must use the Portfolio Template. When you have completed all 10 Outcomes, you will compile these to form the completed ITA Report in Module 8. Using the template, everyone will have the same format, template, margins, etc. The product you develop will be something that you can use to show employers your education, experience, and to provide evidence, if needed, of your abilities and accomplishments in the areas of the TECH 490 program. The ITA serves as a tool to allow you to reflect on what you have learned and experienced during the program, and to see how far you have come in your learning experiences. You will generally find that the overall quality of your work has improved as you have grown in the program over time.

1.    Complete three learning statements for Program Outcome 5.

2.    Revise the three learning statements for each outcome based on peer review in M4D2

3.    Collect three sufficient supporting evidences to support the associated learning statements for each outcome.

4.    You will upload the following documents: Program Outcome 5, Evidence 1, Evidence 2, and Evidence 3

Locate the template and complete Program Outcome 5.

Completion of the activity will help you satisfy the following module outcomes:

·         MO#3: Provide evidences of effective teamwork to solve technical issues within your technology concentration. (PO#5)

·         MO#4: Evaluate how team communication, role management, and team leadership, contributed to effective teamwork in diverse teams. (PO#5)

Do not forget, refer to the ITA Portfolio Guide for examples of best practices for learning statements.

Step 1: Review the feedback provided in the discussion area regarding your learning statements for Outcome 5

Step 2: Make necessary edits/revisions to your statements and update the ITA Portfolio Template for Outcome 5. The template must be used.

Step 3: Prepare your evidence documents. Follow the Evidence criteria outlined in the ITA Portfolio Guide. Ensure the titles provided in the portfolio match the titles of the documents provided.

Step 4: Upload the Outcome 5 learning statements and evidence documents for grading. Be sure to provide 4 documents for this assignment:

Program Outcome 5, Evidence 1, Evidence 2, and Evidence 3


Program Outcomes in total account for 60% of your course grade and are graded using the rubric displayed below. Review the SBT Program Outcome 5 Rubric located in the "Start Here" section of the course for more information on grading criteria.


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