BIOL 101 Week 7 Quiz | Mercer University

BIOL 101  Week 7 Quiz | Mercer University

Question 1

What is included in the study f taxnmy?               

·         Classificaitn nly 

·         Naming and Classificatin              

·         Naming nly


Question 2

Wh is respnsible fr ur mdern system f classificatin?         

·         Mendel               

·         Linnaeus             

·         Darwin


Question 3         

Watsn and Crick

The study f what mlecule helps t change the way we classify rganisms?

·         Lipids    

·         DNA      

·         Carbhydrates


Question 4

Which f the fllwing is nt ne f the three dmains f living things?     

·         Prtista  

·         Eukarya               

·         Archaea              

·         Bacteria


Question 5

rganisms in bth the dmains Bacteria and Archaea d nt have a nucleus, this makes them what type f rganism?     

·         Prkarytic             

·         Eukarytic


Question 6

The dmain Archaea includes rganisms that are adapted t live in what type f envirnment?             

·         Lw xygen            

·         High temperture             

·         All f the abve    

·         High salt cntent


Question 7

What structure is cmmn in all eukarytes but nt fund in prkarytes?            

·         Nucleus               

·         Cell Membrane


Question 8

Which f the fllwing is a trait f rganisms in Kingdm Prtista?              

·         These are all traits f rganisms in Kingdm Prtista  

·         They can be unicellular 

·         They can be hetertrphic               

·         They can be auttrphic


Question 9

rganisms in Kingdm Fungi are all               

·         Hetertrphic        

·         Auttrphic


Question 10

In which kingdm d humans belng?          

·         Prtista  

·         Plantae

·         Fungi    

·         Animalia


Question 11

Which grup is the mst specific and least inclusive?           

·         Species

·         Genus  

·         Kingdm

·         Dmain


Question 12

Why is ur naming system called binmial nmenclature?   

·         It uses tw names             

·         It uses three names       

·         It uses a unique name fr every rganism


Question 13

What are the tw parts f an rganism's scientific name?    

·         Kingdm and Species       

·         Genus and Dmain           

·         Genus and Species         

·         Dmain and Kingdm

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