ENG 121 Week 14 Assignment 2 | Wilmington University

ENG 121 Week 14 Assignment 2 | Wilmington University

Compare/Contrast Essay Peer Review

·         Upload your compare/contrast essay draft (the same draft you submitted last week) without your name to this submission area by Wednesday.

·         After you submit your draft, you will be assigned a partner's paper to review. The date that your peer's paper becomes available is up to your instructor. You can find your partner's paper by checking your To Do list, or by opening this assignment again after Wednesday and checking the right side of the screen where you will find an Anonymous User submission:

Now you are ready to conduct a peer review.

1.    Open the peer review area by clicking the Anonymous User link.

2.    Click on the "Show Rubric" button in the top right corner of the screen to access the rubric.

3.    Click on the blue hyper-linked paper title to read this person's paper.

4.    Assign scores on the rubric for each category. 

5.    Add a comment in a complete sentence to each line of the rubric to explain your score for that category. Use the speech bubble icon below the scoring area to expand the text box. 

6.    Write what you think is currently working well in the essay in the general comment box.

7.    Click SAVE at the bottom left of the rubric (you will need to scroll down and to the left to find it) to submit the Peer Review.

For similar step-by-step instructions on the peer review process (this time with pictures), see the Canvas web page: How do I submit a peer review to an assignment? (Links to an external site.)

Please remember that peer review helps the reviewer more than the reviewee.  Looking analytically at someone else's writing helps you to be analytical about your own writing.  Therefore, instead of thinking that a student also learning about the writing process may not be capable of providing valuable feedback, or that the feedback provided is not what you specifically hoped to receive, think about the fact that reviewing another's work will aid you as a writer, and that the other person fully understands that you too are learning about the writing process.

If you want to know more about peer editing, please look at this article:

Goldin, I.M., Ashley, K.D., & Schunn, C.D. (2012). Redesigning educational peer review interactions using computer tools: an introduction. 
Journal of Writing Research, 4(2), pp. 111-119.


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