MAT 205 Week 13 Discussion | Wilmington University

MAT 205 Week 13 Discussion | Wilmington University

Week 13 Discussion Board

1.  Write an exponential equation using your two favorite single-digit numbers and the variable x.  For example, I love 3 and 4, so here are just a few of my options:






2.  Take your exponential equation and convert it into a logarithmic equation.  For example, using the exponential equations I made above, they would convert to the following:




3.  Share a memory device to help remember how to convert an exponential equation to a logarithmic equation and vice versa.  You can do some research and find one or makeup one of your own and share!

REMINDER: the discussion requirements, per the rubric, also require you to:

·         post your main post by Thursday @ 11:59pm ET

·         provide 2 substantive replies to your peers (within the threads of their post)

·         spread your activity (post and 2 peer replies) out over 3 different days


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