ATH 101 Week 8 Assignment | southern-new-hampshire-university

ATH 101 Week 8 Assignment | southern-new-hampshire-university

8-1 Journal: Your Image of Anthropology



In this course, you have learned about anthropology and all its subfields. Search the internet for a creative commons licensed image that you think embodies the field of anthropology and what you have learned in this course. In your journal assignment, explain why you think the image works and why you chose it. Do you see yourself using one or more of the subfields of anthropology in the future? Which ones and why?

Next, take a moment to compare your image with the article you chose for the First Impressions of Anthropology discussion in Module One. Does anything surprise you about your choices?

Lastly, now that you have acquired anthropological knowledge, has it impacted your life in any way? Do you see the world differently? Why or why not?

For additional details, please refer to the Journal Guidelines and Rubric PDF document.


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