CRED10106 Week 10 Discussion | Mohawk College

CRED10106 Week 10 Discussion | Mohawk College

DISCUSSION 4: Employability Skills

Employability Skills 2000+ are the critical skills you need in the workplace. They include communication, problem solving, positive attitudes and behaviors, adaptability, working with others, and science, technology and mathematical skills.

Activity Description:

1) Go to (Links to an external site.)  Read carefully and consider the Fundamental, Personal Management and Team Work Skills employers are looking for in new hires.

2) Initial posting: In your dedicated discussion board "Employability Skills":

a) In the subject line of your initial posting, type your top 5 strengths

b) Tell your group how will you apply your top 5 strengths from your StrengthsQuest report to the development and/or demonstration of each Employability Skill?

A sample initial post is below (If you have any of the Strengths in the sample, do not copy the wording – your statements should be reflective of YOUR thoughts.):

Fundamental Skills – communication, manage information, use numbers and think/solve problems: I believe my ARRANGER strength will help me here. This strength helps me to stay organized. I am highly flexible and can figure out how to maximize productivity by organizing all of the pieces of a project or group of job responsibilities. My Arranger strength allows me to prepare orderly reports with all the needed backup data to support conclusions.

Personal Management Skills - Demonstrate Positive Attitudes and Behaviors, be Responsible, Be Adaptable, Learn Continuously, Work Safely. I believe my LEARNER strength will help me here. I love the process of learning new things and want to continuously improve what I do. My desire to improve showcases my responsibility and my positive attitude

Teamwork Skills - Work with Others, Participate in Projects and Tasks. I believe my HARMONY strength can help me here. I actively seek consensus when I am working in a group or attending a team meeting.

3) Response Posting: Help at least one other student in your dedicated discussion group by adding ideas on how they might leverage their strengths to meet the employability skills requirements.


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