ENGL 4A Assignment 3 | chatbot las positas community college

 ENGL 4A Assignment 3 | chatbot las positas  community college

Read at least two stories…but why not read all six??


·         “A Good Man is Hard to Find”, Flannery O’Connor, p. 159

·         “A&P”, John Updike p.188

·         “Sonny's Blues", James Baldwin  pp. 324

·          “The Lesson”   Toni Cade Bambera p. 188

·          “Where are you going, where have you been?”, Joyce Carol Oates p. 127

·            “Everyday Use, Alice Walker  p. 152


 (You may select other stories of your choice in this reader or from other sources, but you must identify them)


review pp.   285-289  Approaching Literature

Find two stories which share a connection in terms of theme, style, point of view  or any other appropriate similarity/difference…or contrast

-Determine setting;  where and when does the action take place?

 point of view: who is telling the story?(a character or narrator?):

Characters:  who is involved with the plot trajectory (unfolding of thematic events)

Locate a thematic trajectory employed through characters (action and dialogue); what actually  happens as the plot unfolds (summary of action  and/or conflict)

How do characters change. What makes them change?

Determine the issues/messages/questions presented about society,  morality and human nature

Comment about the use of description, detail and figurative language

How do writers use symbols (or not) or foreshadowing?

Provide some understanding of the social/cultural context

Include your own response to the material; did you enjoy the pieces and why?


Review related websites and connections to material suggested by the Text Reader and may use other literary and critically oriented- research materials, but make sure you quote, summarize and cite effectively


DO NOT COPY.     Plagiarism  (lifting material as if it’s your own) -this is a serious academic infraction.  DO NOT MAKE ME wonder if you are the author of the

paper you’ve turned in.  I don’t mind minor errors in diction or organization; I’m not interested in ‘perfect’  papers—I  know where to get these.  I want to see your exploration of themes and images and ideas reflected in your work.





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