ENGL 212 Week 3 Discussion | Regent university

ENGL 212 Week 3 Discussion | Regent university

Unit 3: Dialogue

Jane Austen

Respond to one of the following questions for your initial dialogue post:

1) Which character changes more in the course of the novel, Emma or Mr. Knightley? Find one or two specific passages in the text that support your view.

2) Is Emma's matchmaking not only a character flaw but a moral flaw? Using one or two passages show where Austen may suggest hidden motives behind one or more of Emma's proposed matches.

3) Are class distinctions like those in Highbury contrary to the spirit of Christian teaching? Does Austen suggest they are? Use specific passages in the text and Scripture when answering.


Submit your original post (200-250 words) and two response posts (100-150 words) in the Group Dialogue area under Unit 3 Forum. You can either click on the link above to directly access the Group Page or on the Group Dialogue link on the side menu. When you are on the Group Page, click on the group highlighted for you. Once inside, click on Discussion Board option, then click on Add Thread to create a space for your post. Click Submit to make your post available to the rest of the class. To respond to other students’ threads, click on Reply button in the bottom left corner inside of a message.


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