Social security numbers or other information needed

Social security numbers or other information needed

A _______ can be defined as a programmable, electronic device that accepts data, performs operations on that data, presents the results, and can store the data or results as needed.


·         Compu ter


Common ________ devices include scanners, digital cameras, styluses, touch pads, and joysticks.


·         input


_______, or end users, are the people who use a computer to obtain information.


·         computer users


_______ computing refers to computing that was previously referred to as grid computing.


·         cloud


The _____ is the largest and most well-known computer network in the world.


·         internet


in ______, identity thieves send fraudulent e-mails to people masquerading as legitimate businesses to obtain social security numbers or other information needed for identity theft.


·         phishing


in the early 1980's, _____ were invented and computer use increased dramatically.


·         microcomputers


Among the operations of a computer, _____ occurs when data is entered into the computer.


·         input


In addiction to the four primary operations, today's computers typically also perform _____ functions.


·         Communications


Integrated circuits incorporate many transistors and electronic circuits on a single tiny silicon chip, allowing _____ to be even smaller and more reliable than earlier computers.


·         third-generation



Conventional personal computers are often referred to as ____ because the complete computer system fits on or next to a desk.


·         desktop PC's


A _____ is a collection of computers and other devices that are connected together so that users can share hardware, software, and data, as well as electronically communicate with each other.


·         computer network


A _____ is a collection of computers and other devices that are connected together so that users can share hardware, software, and data, as well as electronically communicate with each other.


·         computer network


______ is an etiquette for guiding online behaviour


·         Netiquette


Jamie's mother is a computer programmer and would like Jamie to follow in her footsteps. What course would she most likely suggest that Jamie take in college?


·         Java


What type of computer-related job would Jamie probably enjoy the most?


·         computer operations personnel


________ is the alternative to traditional classroom learning that allows students to participate from their current location, instead of physically going to class.


·         distance learning


Consumer _____ are small self-service computer-based stations, such as ATM machines, bridal registries, and ticketing systems.


·         kiosks


An emergency payment option is the use of _______ systems - systems that allow individuals to pay for products and services via a mobile phone or other portable device.


·         m-commerce


The procession of input, processing, output, and storage is sometimes referred to as the _____ cycle or the information processing cycle.


·         IPOS


_______-technically an input or output operation, depending on which direction the information is going-is increasingly considered the fifth primary computer operation, in addition to the operations shown in the information processing cycle.


·         communications


The first computers were powered by thousands of _______ that needed replacing constantly, required a great deal of electricity, and generated a lot of heat.


·         vacuum tubes


One common opinion is that fifth-generation computers will be based on _________, allowing them to think, reason and learn.


·         artificial reasoning


The physical parts of a computer are collectively referred to as ______.


·         hardware


Some midrange servers consist of a collection of individual ______ called blades.


·         circuit boards



Typically, individual users connect to the Internet by connecting to computers belonging to a(n) __________.


·         internet service provider


ISP computers are continually connected to a larger network, called a regional network, which, in turn, is connected to one of the major high-speed networks within a country, called a _______.


·         backbone network


The World Wide Web refers to one resource-a collection of documents called _______-available via the Internet.


·         web pages


By their very nature, online communications lend themselves to ________. Since recipients usually do not hear senders' voices or see their handwriting, it is difficult to know for sure who the sender is.


·         anonymity.


The very largest, most powerful computers, which typically run one application at a time, are classified as ________.


·         supercomputers


A supercomputer comprised of numerous smaller computers connected together to act as a single computer is a supercomputing _______.


·         cluster


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