ETHC 232 Week 1 Assignment | Devry University

ETHC 232  Week 1 Assignment | Devry University

Week 6: Ethical Dilemma Project: Potential Solutions and Impacts

Last week in the Peer Review discussion, you and your colleagues discussed the legal issues surrounding your case. This week you are to analyze potential solutions and their impacts.

Potential Solutions and Impacts

For the case you have selected, identify three potential solutions to the ethical dilemma.  For each possible solution, consider the potential impacts and outcomes.  Who are the key stakeholders (such as employees, customers/clients, the local community, or the environment)? Each potential solution should be viewed through, and explained from, the point of view of the ethical theory you have determined is best suited to your case.  For example, if you chose utilitarianism, your focus will be on end results.  On the other hand, if you chose deontology, you would judge your solution based on how well it conforms to universally held principles. Conclude your discussion by explaining which possible solution is the best based on your ethical beliefs.

This assignment should be at least two pages, or 500 words. 

Note: You are being graded on your demonstration of reasoning, critical thinking, and analytical abilities in applying what you are learning about ethical issues in the professions. Please provide in-text citations and references using APA formatting to at least three sources.  These may be the same sources you used for the Week 3 assignment, but you are also welcome to incorporate additional sources as well.

The completed assignment is due at the end of Week 6 and is worth 100 points. Please see the rubric for the grading criteria.

Remember to submit your assignment.


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