ATH 111 Week 3 Discussion | Southern New Hampshire University

ATH 111 Week 3 Discussion | Southern New Hampshire University

3-1 Discussion: The Culture of Plastics


Teenage culture has always been challenging to navigate. Fortunately, the clique called the Plastics knows just what it takes to fit in with their group. In this discussion, you will use an anthropological lens to examine a brief scene in the movie Mean Girls.

As you watch this scene, look for each of the following concepts from the Anthropological Core Concepts PDF: assimilation, cultural symbol, political systems, and ethnocentrism. After identifying each concept within the clip, select one concept to focus on in this discussion.

In your initial post, do the following:

·         Identify which of the four anthropological concepts you selected.

·         Define the concept and include an appropriately formatted citation.

·         Analyze how the concept is represented within the movie scene.

Peer Response Guidelines: Respond to the initial posts of at least two peers who selected different concepts than you chose. Assess how well each peer defined the concept and analyzed the concept within the scene. Did you see the concept represented differently? Do your peers' interpretations and analyses deepen your understanding of the concepts and interaction in the movie? Remember, it is OK to disagree with your peers as long as you do so kindly and with specific points.


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