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    HRMN 395 Week 6 Discussion | Assignment Help | UMUC

    1. HRMN 395 Week 6 Discussion | Assignment Help | UMUC 

      Week 6 Discussions & Learning Activities


      Our readings focus this week is on the many influences on organizations that can affect their success and therefore can impact the total rewards they offer their employees. Complex, uncertain and a fast-changing environment has brought new HR challenges, which ask HR professionals to implement additional competencies. Be sure to read the reading assignments for the week before attempting to answer the questions. We do not have a new course module or commentary this week, but you may want to take a look back at module five, which discusses some of the global changes that have occurred which influence the Human Resources function and organizations at large.

      1.  Describe what you learned about the impact of economic, social, and demographic trends affecting the US labor environment, organizations in general, and the Human Resource function.

      2.  What are three competencies (competencies are knowledge, skills, and abilities) for HR professionals are needed today that were not needed ten years ago due to us now being in a global economy? Explain by giving a specific example of at least one of the three competencies required for Human Resource professionals you mention.

      3.  Share how you and HR professionals, in general, can ensure they have the competencies you mention in item 2.

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  1. HRMN 395 Week 6 Discussion | Assignment Help | UMUCWeek 6 Discussion Ans
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