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    HRMN 395 Week 7 Discussion | Assignment Help | UMUC

    HRMN 395 Week 7 Discussion | Assignment Help | UMUC

    Week 7 Discussions & Learning Activities

    This week the class is working on the cumulative paper for the course. In the paper you will use much of the information you have already shared in the first two presentations about the organization such as the organizational capabilities, employee competencies, challenges, and the total rewards currently given to the employees. You will also use the information from your second presentation about metrics. I urge each student to review the feedback I provided to the first two presentations so if I made a recommendation, it will be reflected in the final paper.

    The main portion of the cumulative paper that you will present that is new is that you will make recommendations to change the current total rewards being offered in a few ways or completely change the total rewards (I recommend the first option). In addition, you will share in the paper some of the steps you would feel are important to take to research what changes are needed, how the decisions will be made on the changes to be made, how they will be communicated to the organization and any other steps you feel an organization will take in order to revise its total rewards program. I suggest you go back to Course Module Four (week four) and review the segment about how to design a total rewards program. There you will find the following table describing possible steps:

    Table 4.1
    Core Steps in Designing and Implementing Total Rewards


    Step 1: Understand the organization
    Step 2: Define the requisite KSAs required for success
    Step 3: Identify current and potential employees' "drivers"
    Step 4: Design a total rewards philosophy statement
    Step 5: Assess financial costs and plans with key leadership

    Implementing & Evaluating:

    Step 6: Pilot the total rewards assumptions
    Step 7: Develop timeline, obtain vendors, assign duties
    Step 8: Implement plan
    Step 9: Communicate and market

    Step 10 and 11

    Professor Henderson suggests two final crucial steps of:

    Step 10 Evaluate the success of the changes introduced by using the metrics selected for Presentation 2 (or new ones) Step 11 Make any needed adjustments and re-introduce

    After reviewing the course commentary for week four as a reminder and the other material supplied for this week, complete the following questions which are meant to assist you in writing your paper AND the task list time line that will follow as your final assignment of the course in week eight:

    1.  Select least two of the steps in the total rewards planning process and state why you feel they are the most crucial to the planning and implementation process. Justify your selection.

    2.  Describe specific best practices for communicating the changes (such as how the messages will be delivered to various audiences or segments of employees, the goals of the communication, who should deliver the messages and the time frame for the communication of changes to the total rewards programs).

    Try to give your classmates ideas, comments, suggestions, or praise as relevant when you make your two required responses.

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