Chapter 2 Sociology Questions

Chapter 2 Sociology Questions

Population in which people interact and share common interests


·         society


Example of material culture?

religious beliefs, an idea, money, or rules


·         money


Carlos' family goes to the Catholic church every Sunday.

What is his families culture?


·         nonmaterial


Following statements to be true?

An individual can be part of many cultures and subcultures.
Culture cannot be shared between multiple societies.
An individual can be part of only one distinct culture.
All of the answers are correct


·         An individual can be part of many cultures and subcultures.


Following choices components of language EXCEPT?

spoken word
body language


·         laughter


For years, murder wasn't an official crime in many societies because it was such a heinous act that it ''went without saying'' that it was wrong. This phrase demonstrates a society's _____.


·         mores


Values are _____ standards for what is desirable?


·         culturally-defined


It is the norm for Americans to shake hands with people they meet for the first time. This is most likely an example of a _____.


·         folkway


A crown and a tiara both represent royalty in many cultures. These are two examples of _____.


·         symbols


Which of the following is NOT an example of a counterculture?

The military
The 1960's Hippie Movement


·         The military

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