021 - Chapter 21 - Praxis 5039 (Chapter Test)

021 - Chapter 21 - Praxis 5039 (Chapter Test)

Which step involves writing down any ideas that come into your head?



To brainstorm is the first step to choosing a topic. This involves writing down all ideas you can think of that have to do with the prompt or assignment you are given.


With regard to education and schooling, what does research mean?


·         an investigation or study of a particular topic in order to draw some sort of conclusion;

This is the correct definition for research. In an educational setting, you choose a single topic to investigate in order to draw a conclusion or make a point about it.


What is the correct order of the 5 steps to selecting and refining a research topic?


·         brainstorm, preliminary research, analyze research, plan for the project, thesis;

This is the correct order of the 5 steps. You need to start with a general list of brainstormed ideas, narrow it down through preliminary research and analysis, and then refine your idea to a specific aim. The final step is to write a thesis statement.


During which step do you narrow your ideas down to only one topic?

preliminary research;

During the brainstorm stage, you write down many ideas and then narrow it down to a few. The next step is to do some preliminary research to see which one topic is the best to choose.



Which step involves writing one statement that contains your main idea and the purpose of the project?


·         thesis;

The final step in selecting and refining a topic for a research project is to write a thesis, which is the statement that declares your main idea for the whole project. This is necessary in order to maintain a clear focus throughout the project.


Which type of sentence shows strong emotion?


·         exclamatory;

The purpose of exclamatory sentences is to show excitement and intense feeling, which is why an exclamation mark is an appropriate end mark.


Which type of sentence might have an implied subject?


·         imperative;

There is no stated subject in imperative sentences, which is the main person or object doing the action. Often in imperative sentences, the subject is the implied 'you.'


What end mark is used for interrogative sentences?\


·         question mark;

Interrogatives must end in a question mark.


Which is an imperative sentence?


·         Please walk the dog.

Remember that the purpose of imperative sentences is to give an order or tell someone to do something. Therefore, 'please walk the dog,' is imperative because it is giving a command.


Which sentence is a declarative one?


·         Learning types of sentences is fun.

Remember that declarative sentences are simple statements usually with one main idea. Therefore, 'learning types of sentences is fun', would be declarative because it is simply stating an idea.


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