A cultural trait

A cultural trait 

A cultural trait that exists across all cultures is referred to as


·         universal


A cultural trait that is found in many societies but not all is often referred to as a


·         generality


A cultural trait that is usually confined to one society or place is known as a


·         particularity


Which of these examples could be considered a particularity?


·         a family eating the same exact meal every Tuesday night


3. Which of these statements would anthropologists DISAGREE with?


·         There are no cultural traits that span across the globe


Everyone is probably a little ethnocentric. Why is this?


·         aside from their own culture, people often have no frame of reference when encountering other cultures


What is cultural relativism?


·         measuring behavior by how it is regarded in the person's own culture


regarding one's own culture as superior


·         Ethnocentrism is regarding one's own culture as the standard by which other cultures are measured.


Why might ethnocentrism on a global scale lead to dehumanizing others?


·         other people may be treated as savage or morally corrupt


What is the greatest weakness of cultural relativism?


·         there is no basis for determining whether something in another culture is right or wrong

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