Chomsky's linguistic theory

Chomsky's linguistic theory

language acquisition


·         the process by which we learn to speak, write, or even use sign language in meaningful ways to communicate


Behaviorists believe we learn by associating events, known as...


·         classical conditioning


We also learn through rewards and punishments, a process known as...


·         operant conditioning


Chomsky's linguistic theory


·         we are born with an innate ability to learn language, and with little guidance, children will naturally learn language


language acquisition device


·         an area in our brains that makes learning language a natural event


Stages of Language Acquisition


-       listening
- cooing/babbling
- one-word communication
- two-word communication


Which of the following are the correct stages of speech development?


·         Babies enter the babbling stage at four months, have one-word utterances with meaning at around their first birthday, and two-word sentences by the time they are two years old.


What is the critical period hypothesis for learning language?


·         The critical period hypothesis states that we have a specific window in which we can best learn language. Once that period is over, language acquisition becomes difficult.


Which of the following is NOT an example of language acquisition from a behaviorist perspective?


·         Learning through association, imitation, and rewards are all elements of behaviorism. Behaviorist believe the environment shapes language development. They do not place emphasis on a natural ability to learn language


Which type of communication includes eye movements?


·         nonverbal communication includes eyes movements and behavior which are called oculesics


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