Insisting on objective criteria

Insisting on objective criteria

Principled negotiation is also known as _____.


·         integrative negotiation


Using outside guidance, such as an auto pricing guide, is an example of what tenet of principled negotiation?


·         Insisting on objective criteria


Expanding the pie in a negotiation means _____.


·         adding joint value


One of the arguments against principled negotiations is that _____.


·         it oversimplifies things


In this type of negotiation, a fixed asset is being divided up, and someone is going to come away with a bigger piece (the winner).


·         Distributive negotiation


s the only reason to disclose information to a party to get something in return?


·         No, a unilateral disclosure might help to build trust.


If you make a disclosure, you should start with one that has what two characteristics?


·         It's low risk and of strategic value to your competition


Small talk before a negotiation has value because it can help build _____.


·         All answers are correct


Two things regarding disclosure that you can do before a negotiation begins are:


·         Determine what information you'll need from the other party and anticipate what questions you'll be asked


Being able to firmly rely on someone or on the truth of something is known as what?


·         True


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