Agoraphobia or social anxiety

Agoraphobia or social anxiety

Four students in sociology class received a D on their final project and are required to rewrite and resubmit it. In their responses to this situation, who exemplifies the attribution style that is most prone to depression?


·         Gina, who feels that she is not smart, she is not good at sociology, and she is never going to have success on written tests


John says to his mother, “I will put on my seatbelt when your door is not ajar. Let’s jar up the jelly. Don’t jar the table Jenga master.” This is an example of


·         loosening of associations.


Of the following, who is demonstrating a compulsion?


·         Dan, who has a precise, daily coffee-making routine that cannot be disrupted


What is the definition of a specific phobia?


·         The unrealistic fear of an object or situation other than those associated with agoraphobia or social anxiety


Mania, unlike many other disorders, actually


·         increases productive, goal-directed behavior.


One reliable correlate of schizophrenia is the presence of enlarged ventricles, which indicates that schizophrenia is associated with


·         neural degeneration.


What kind of obsessions are involved in obsessive-compulsive disorder?


·         Distressing, intrusive thoughts


In the general population of the United States, women experience MDD more frequently than men do. Which of the following is cited in the textbook as a possible contributing factor?


·         Women are more likely than men to admit feeling depressed.


Psychologists find that agreeing on the differences between typical and abnormal behaviors is surprisingly difficult. However, deciding that an individual’s behaviors and mental processes are abnormal is essential because


·         it is the first step toward labeling that person with a psychological disorder and providing treatment.


The text defines abnormal behavior as behavior that is distressing, and

harmful to self or others.


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