Borderline personality disorder

 Borderline personality disorder

An anxiety disorder features anxiety that ____.


·         Is not proportional to a person's circumstances


Which perspective suggests that phobias might be exaggerations of an otherwise useful sense of caution?


·         The evolutionary perspective


Of the following, who is demonstrating a compulsion?


·         Andrew, who has a precise, daily coffee-making routine that can't be disrupted


Which of the following is true regarding the prevalence of major depressive disorder?


·         People over 50 are about half as likely as people between 18 and 25 to be diagnosed with depression.


Suicide is the eleventh leading cause of death in the United States for all ages, but among young adults ages 25 to 34, it is the ____.


·         Second leading cause of death


Patients with somatoform symptoms usually visit physicians very frequently, report high numbers of physical complaints, and are at risk of ____.


·         Becoming dependent on pain medications


Mira has hallucinations and delusions. Which of the following is a hallucination, as opposed to a delusion?


·         Mira hears critical voices commenting on her every action


In brain imaging studies, people with antisocial personality disorder showed relatively little activity in the amygdala, which normally ____.


·         Participates in recognition of fear and other negative emotions in others


Denise admired her boss greatly at first. They had an intense and productive working relationship, which then turned volatile. Denise exhibited episodes of anger and self-destructive behaviors at work, and was asked to leave. She found another job, but the same pattern caused her to lose that position as well. What personality disorder best fits Denise's behavioral patterns?


·         Borderline personality disorder


Anorexia nervosa is characterized by the maintenance of unusually low body weight and ____.


·         A distorted view of the body as obese


Courtney is desperately sad, has trouble concentrating, and has lost some of her appetite. She has started to skip most of her classes and can't maintain eye contact with others for long. She calls her college's mental health help line and says, "I'm so worried about my grades that my stomach hurts. I don't know what to do." Based on the text's continuum from normal behavior to severely disordered behavior, Courtney's status
would be considered ____


·         psychological disorder, less severe


The text defines abnormal behavior as behavior that is unusual, distressing, and ____.


·         harmful to self or others


The presence of two or more disorders in the same individual is called ____.


·         comorbidity

What is the system for classification of psychological disorders published by the American Psychiatric


·         Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM)


Jacob is nine years old. He dislikes and often avoids doing things that require sustained mental effort, such as
his schoolwork and homework. According to the DSM, ____.


·         he has met one criterion for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder


In order to understand the reciprocal relationships between factors leading to psychological disorders, which is the most helpful perspective?


·         integrated


Under an integrated approach to psychological disorders, each perspective ____.


·         will have more to say about some disorders than about others


The experience of intense fear and autonomic arousal in the absence of real threat is called a(n) ____.


·         Panic Attack


What is one of the primary characteristics of panic disorder?


·         Fear of future attacks


What is the definition of a phobia


·         the unrealistic fear of an object of situation

Gabriel has become so fearful of going outside of his home alone and of being in open spaces such as parking
lots that he has difficulty holding a job. This is best described as ____.


·         agoraphobia


Lauren has been chosen to introduce the guest speaker to her economics class. She is worried about how she will look and sound to her classmates, her palms are sweaty, and she can feel her heart beating. This is best
described as ____.


·         social anxiety


Alejandra, a resident of lower Manhattan, suffers from PTSD after witnessing the attack on the twin towers of the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001. A certain acrid burning smell can trigger intense feelings of
jitteriness and distress for her. This is an example of ____.



·         classical conditioning


Of the following, who is demonstrating mania?


·         John, who feels so cheerful that he talks extensively and rapidly with strangers on the subway and on the street


Sonia adores her new boyfriend, who she finds very attractive and intelligent. However, no matter what she does, he criticizes her: her appearance, her opinions, her cooking, the gifts she buys for him, etc. She is
feeling more and more helpless and discouraged. This is likely a case of ____.


·         learned helplessness


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